the Coolest Pink Laptops
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the Coolest Pink Laptops

Published at 02/25/2012 17:40:31


the Coolest Pink Laptops

When they say that human wants are unlimited, and that they can never be happy with what they have, it’s not entirely wrong, it’s actually quite true. The human mind keeps on developing the thought processes going on in every individual and thus we demand more from this world. That is essentially what brought about the concept of “variety.” Let’s look at the example of a clothing store. We have different sections for the male and the female gender and those sections are subdivided into different age groups. This concept has not remained inside the clothes shops yet it has struck the techno world as well. In electronics we now have a lot of variety for people having different choices. This idea has gave birth to products being designed for the female gender, differentiating them from the already existing electronics which have been largely labeled as “unisex”. Let’s focus on one such product which is the “pink colored laptop”. These cool pink laptops have been introduced to attract the female gender, or any males who are in love with this color. They are now part of the fashion statement of many women. With the increase in the consumer base of these laptops, different varieties, styles and designs have been coming about in this very color.


In the real world, the laptop was originally painted pink by the movie “Legally Blonde.” Reese Witherspoon set a fashion statement for all young girls to follow, and it was then that the whole hype about pink laptops was created. Sadly, though the manufacturers of the laptop used in the movie, Apple, did not launch a new range of laptops with this new pink color. People started to get their laptops custom painted in pink. It was then that the laptop manufacturers realized the need of a revolution in their laptop designs and colors. Hence, the pink laptops set foot into the market.


There is not a single electronic company left that does not manufacture pink laptops because there is a large consumer base of this product. Hence there is a wide range and variety in pink laptops offered by all the companies. Dell offers the “Promise Laptop” with which you can help fight breast cancer as on every purchase of the laptop five dollars goes to breast cancer research.

Pink laptops range from mini-laptops to bigger laptops with screen sizes from 9 to more than 17 inches. Sony offers pink laptops with built-in Wi-Fi, webcams, DVD writers, microphones, internet telephones and speakers. These laptops have the latest processors and are great for playing games and watching movies. Moreover, HP, Toshiba, ASUS, Lenovo and many more companies offer pink laptops with all the latest specifications and technology.  

Tips and comments

It’s not about whether you are a girl or a boy, it’s about the color and how you carry it. If you are completely in love with the color “Pink” then pink laptops are just the right thing for you. Don’t be shy because you love pink; flaunt it with the help of pink laptops!