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How To Get Tv on Your Laptop


Many people are opting out of a traditional television service. Why? Because it simply costs too much for the average consumer. Many people cannot survive on just their regular paycheck anymore. Entertainment was once a reward for many people, but many people cannot afford cable anymore because it is too expensive. Companies like NetFlix are a cheaper alternative, but NetFlix does not have a large variety of TV shows and most of the shows do not have the entire seasons. NetFlix is more like Blockbuster where you rent movies. Another option for a consumer is downloading TV shows illegally by downloading them on the Internet.

The illegality is not the issues, but you are not getting the TV shows live. You might as well purchase a DVR if that is that case. What can someone do in order to watch television? If you have a laptop, you can watch laptop tv. How do you watch laptop tv? You buy a TV tuner. A TV tuner is a device that allows you to watch laptop tv. The TV tuner takes your local cable signal, which could be an analog, QAM or digital signal and allow you to watch free cable TV on your laptop. You can easily buy one of these tuners on Amazon and you can begin to watch laptop tv on your laptop. All you need in order to watch laptop tv is coaxial cables you use to connect to regular cable tv, a TV tuner and of course, a laptop computer.

Step 1

Buy the TV tuner to watch laptop tv on Amazon. Just type in "TV tuner" on Amazon and then click "Enter." to search for the TV tuner you want to purchase. Make sure you compare each TV tuner. Read all of the reviews. Read the features of each TV tuner and then decide which one you want to buy. When you are done with your decision, add the TV tuner to your shopping cart and then proceed to checkout to order the tuner.

Step 2

Open up the TV tuner from the box once you receive it from the mail. Download the software that comes with the TV tuner. The software allows you to watch laptop tv. Insert the software disc into your CD-ROM drive on your laptop PC.

Step 3

Install the TV tuner software if it comes with software. Grab your coaxial cable that is connected to your wall outlet and then connect one end of the coaxial cable to the TV tuner. Find an open USB port on your laptop to connect the USB end of the TV tuner to it. Your PC automatically installs the drivers and the tuner to your PC, so you can watch laptop tv.

Step 4

Run the software or use Windows Media Center to configure the TV tuner to watch laptop tv. You must complete a channel scan and download your local TV guide in order to watch laptop tv. On your software, it should be an option that say "configure" or a similar option. In Windows Media Center, you just go to "Tasks" and then you set up your TV signal by clicking on "Set Up TV Signal."

Step 5

Complete the channel scan and the TV guide download. You should be able to watch laptop tv.



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