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How To Watch Laptop Tv

Published at 03/20/2012 03:30:49


Many people are choosing to not have a traditional cable TV subscription. Many cable companies charge too much for their services and many people are looking for alternatives. Many people turn to Internet streaming, such as Hulu Plus or NetFlix, but NetFlix does not have newer television programs and the newer television programs are not up-to-date. Hulu Plus has television shows, but they are also not up-to-date. A risky alternative to getting TV is piracy, which means you are downloading shows illegally on the Internet. Piracy still does not help the program with TV since the downloaded shows are not live.

This is where your laptop comes in handy. A laptop is similar to a desktop, but less powerful. A laptop is a computer that many users have with them to travel and to transport. You cannot carry a desktop in your backpack or with your hands, so people prefer a laptop. Laptop computers have their advantages, such as wireless Internet service. Did you know you can watch tv laptop? How do you watch tv laptop? It is a pretty simple concept. Many companies make what is called a TV tuner.

A TV tuner hooks up to your cable outlet or satellite box and you connect it to your computer to watch tv laptop. Many of the TV tuners are "plug and play," which means you only have to connect it to your laptop for it to install. Many TV tuners come with its own software, so you can watch tv laptop. If you have Windows 7 Professional, Home Basic and another Windows 7 that has Windows Media Center, you can watch tv laptop and Windows Media Center allows you to look up and configure tv laptop in your area. Anyone can watch tv laptop and anyone can install the TV tuner to their computer.

Step 1

Buy a TV tuner from a reputable internet business. Type "TV tuner" into the search box and then click "Enter." Compare and contrast the TV tuners by reviewing each on and reading the reviews and the features of the TV tuner. Once you have decided on the tuner, order it.

Step 2

Open the TV tuner contents once it arrives at your house. If you have software for the tuner, insert it into your laptop's CD-ROM drive. The software usually has software drivers and a media player that allows you to watch tv laptop.

Step 3

Install the software for the TV, if applicable. Take your coaxial cable you use for your cable TV and connect it to one end of the TV tuner. Connect the other end of the TV tuner into one of your USB ports on your laptop. Your laptop will automatically recognize the TV tuner and it will begin to install it.

Step 4

Open the software that comes with the TV tuner to watch tv laptop. You have to configure the TV tuner in order to watch tv laptop. You have to do a channel scan in your area, so find that option and complete the configuration.

Step 5

Open Windows Media Center as an alternate way to watch tv laptop. Click "Start" and then press "All Programs" and then click "Windows Media Center." Go to the option that says "TV" and then go to "Set Up TV Signal." Follow all the directions on the screen. You should be watching tv laptop once everything is completed.



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