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How To Download Yahoo Messenger To a Laptop


An instant messenger allows you to connect with your family members and you can reconnect with your high school friends or older friends that have moved away from your area. Yahoo! Messenger, YM or YIM, is one of the most popular instant messengers on the Internet. This laptop messenger is free to use and you can download the laptop messenger from Yahoo! or from a software website. You have to sign up for Yahoo! in order to use the laptop messenger. You have to go on Yahoo! to create your own unique Yahoo! email address, which is your screenname too and a password. Once you get this laptop messenger on your laptop, you are allowed to make free phone calls to other Yahoo! Messenger members, send audio, video and photos, instant message and much more.

The e-mail address you create for the laptop messenger is called the Yahoo! ID, which is a cool way of saying screenname. If you want your friends and family members to e-mail you, you give them your e-mail address you use for Yahoo!. When you want someone to add you to their friends list, you can give them your Yahoo! ID or your e-maill address you made from Yahoo! You cannot download the laptop messenger on your laptop without creating a Yahoo! mail account. It is mandatory.

Step 1

Go to Look on the left side of Yahoo!. Look for the word "Messenger." Click on that word and then stop here. Go back to Go to the upper right of the webpage. Click on "Sign Up" to sign up for your Yahoo! e-mail address.

Step 2

Fill out the information on the "Sign Up" page. You must enter tons of information about yourself. Information that includes your name, Yahoo ID and Email, gender, birthday, language, password, postal code and a secret question and answer. The secret question and answer asks you to enter an alternate e-mail address in case you forget your Yahoo! ID or password. You are sent the password or Yahoo! ID with the e-mail you entered.

Step 3

Click "Create My Account" to complete the process. Return to the webpage where you need to download the laptop messenger. Download Yahoo! Messenger by clicking "Download Messenger." Wait for the laptop messenger to appear on your screen. This is called a download prompt. The prompt tells you to either open, save or run the laptop messenger. It is recommended that you save the laptop messenger Yahoo! Messenger to your laptop, so you will not download it again.

Step 4

Complete the installation of Yahoo! Messenger. If the laptop messenger asks you to launch Yahoo! Messenger, make sure that box has a checkmark by it and then click "Finish." If not, double-click "Yahoo! Messenger" on your desktop to open the program.

Step 5

Enter your Yahoo! ID and password to test the laptop messenger and then click "Enter." It will take a few seconds for the laptop messenger to log you in to the messenger. You should successfully login to the laptop messenger and you can begin using Yahoo! Messenger on your laptop computer.



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