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Laptops are a need of the modern fast-paced world. Where people don't have a few hours to spend at home they require something to take on the go. The modern business and student life requires constant checking and sending of emails along with regular typing out documents. Due to this portability is essential so that work can be done conveniently at school and even in bus rides and subways. This ensures no delay in tasks and assignments only if the battery is kept charged at all times. These devices are praised and are seen as miracles by the current generation of workaholics and nerds as well!


Computers began in history with the creation of mainframe computers that handled over a million tasks at one time. Moreover, they were extremely large and took over one entire office space. Obviously portability couldn't be managed and the next form of computers that gained popularity included desktop computers. These contained Pentium 1, 2 and 3 examples of processors that entailed the speed of these computers. With the passage of time and in the late 1990s these became obsolete and newer processors took preference. Newer processors included Intel core duos that are also found in this new laptop. Alongside, laptops were also being created and different shapes and sizes were released. The old generation of laptops were heavier and took up extremely large spaces. However, with the advent of technology more space efficient laptops were invented that were as thin as possible. Netbooks, that are tiny versions of the conventional form of laptops have also become extremely popular, preferred by the average student due to the low costs.


person requirements are supposed to be considered before purchasing a new laptop. For students who're just focused on social networking websites and sensing out emails of research papers a basic new laptop with a small hard drive and normal core processor would be sufficient. But, there are some students who engage in heavy gaming and these require high quality and speed performance laptops. These are usually more expensive and need higher storage capacities with a 100 GB Hard Disk or higher. Office going people also engage in sending out emails, receiving them and editing documents along with setting up appointments along with other basic outlook tasks. For this type of preference took normal new laptops would be completely sufficient not requiring any additional features leading to expensive costs.

Tips and comments

Technicians such as those who either manufacture laptops or create software that is to be used in laptops need specialized ones with a higher hard disc drive and extra multimedia software and tailor made software that can aid in the creation of other facilities. One last requirement for new laptop users who prefer listening to music and watching movies only, they require a good disc drive preferably Blu Ray for maximum quality and high surround sound in built speakers. One should always visit retailers a couple of times and ask them to show possible options and then carry out a suRVey online before buying any sort of new laptop to decrease dissatisfaction in the end.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/26/2012
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