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Benefits Of the Duo Laptop


Tired of working really hard for your pay checks and having to spend it all on one single expensive tablet PC? We normally have to pay an average of $1000 for a good tablet these days and let’s admit it, we all want it even if we don’t really have any practical need or use of it. Well have no worries because there were talks of an add-on device that could convert your normal laptop system into a touch screen laptop so you would have all the workings of a tablet PC. Now you can get excited because that device is here. The pen and Free Co has launched its new product the DUO. It’s a device that when attached to the system converts your ordinary laptop into a DUO laptop, which means adding a touch screen interface. It’s the perfect accessory for students, business professionals, designers and artists. The DUO Laptop technology is revolutionizing the industry and really creating hype in the market.


With a DUO laptop you can sign documents on the screen and the computer will recognize the signature and add it to your documents. You can make notes on the screen and it will instantly get digitalized on a text document, you can draw figures, shapes or even a complete scenery and the computer will automatically incorporate it. The Hardware directly integrates with your Windows 7 or Windows Vista tablet software but no hard feelings for those wanting to use it on XP. The DUO comes with additional software that will allow you to use it with the Windows XP.


The hardware includes a sensor to be attached to the top of the LCD screen and a Touch PEN that’s going to be allowing you to do all the magic. In the business world it is the one tool making all work most efficient. No need to travel to sign important documents, keeping notes during meetings , opportunities to note customer specs. Even in the studio department you can make all your drawings, graphically alter images and just wow all your friends and colleagues. There are many additional benefits as well. Typing , writing and drawing directly on the desktop screen, navigating your computer just like you would on a tablet PC, capture your personal hand written notes during lectures and directly convert them to digital word documents. Use the pen as a mouse for virtual keyboards, selecting and highlighting key points on your web pages during research and the bigger the screen the more fun you can have with your DUO laptop.

Tips and comments

Not only are you being efficient and innovative you’re fulfilling your responsibilities and duties towards the environment. With using a DUO laptop you’re saving tons and tons of paper you would have used for official office work, study notes, doodling in class, note books expenses and so on. And since we are talking about saving money, you would spend a thousand dollars on a taplet PC but for a DUO laptop you just need to spend a fraction of that ($100) for the DUO device.

By Amara, published at 03/05/2012
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Benefits Of the Duo Laptop. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.