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How To Use a Laptop With Windows Xp

Published at 03/13/2012 18:12:32


Laptop computers are one of the best machines being used at the moment, in most industries and institutions in the world. Having laptop windows Xp means that you can perform any task you want with your laptop because it provides you with a variety of options which you can use effectively. Laptop windows Xp is very easy to use as it provides you with all the required directions you need to perform any task that you would want to perform. Many people prefer using windows XP, an operating system that is also the most preferred in most computer learning institutions. Below are outlined steps of using laptop windows Xp.

Step 1

If you have a laptop and you need to install an operating system then window XP is the best option to go with. The operating system will be provided to you in form of a CD or in a hard disk drive. Installing this operating system is one easy task, only follow the instructions and you will have your laptop windows Xp with you ready to use. Before u start using you will be required to register your system for security and access purposes. Now with proper registration you can use your laptop windows Xp with ease.

Step 2

First start using your laptop windows Xp by customizing it. You will do this by right clicking on the desktop and then click on the properties from the ensuing menu. Here you will be able to change your screensaver and wallpapers to those that you prefer. Any laptop windows Xp will provide you with an option of determining what icons will be displayed on your desktop and you can even choose an option of displaying no icons.

Step 3

Laptop windows Xp will provide you with various entertainment options that can be keeping you busy. You can play games like solitaire, minesweeper and pinball on your laptop windows Xp,. You can access these games by clicking on start menu which is mostly located at the bottom left corner of your computer, then click on programs

Step 4

Creating documents is also another common use of laptop windows Xp. This creation of documents is mostly done with a program commonly known as Microsoft office. This will provide you with an option of creating any kind of documents that you want to form, for example brochures, business cards, certificates, calendars, forms, inventories, reports and schedules. To access this, you will click on start all programs then find Microsoft office, choose the program you want to create your document with, create your document and when you are done click on file there you will find options to print or save your document.

Step 5

Control panel is a very useful option in any laptop windows Xp. Here you will can remove and repair programs that are faulty. Here you will also be able to add hardware drives that are supposed to be in your laptop windows Xp and even customise their settings. You will access the control panel by clicking on start and you here you will see the control panel option and make necessary settings to your laptop windows Xp.


You can use your laptop windows Xp with many other uses according to your needs. The features are numerous and you will be able to know them all as you continue using your laptop windows Xp.

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