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Get Flat Looking Beautiful 17 Laptops


So you’re in the market for a sleek new laptop. You’ll notice that unlike the old days when the most anyone would recommend was one laptop or maybe two. Now they try to recommend something more that’ll cater your needs. You’ve got mini laptops, giant laptops, slim laptops, heavy laptops, stylish laptops, gaming laptops cheap laptops, expensive laptops or custom configured laptops. All is there in the market. Today we shall be reviewing few laptops on two categories. The first is that we’ll be discussing 17” laptops i.e. in screen size and that have the best looks in terms of style and finally we shall include only those that truly offer performance expected from them as per the tag price. Now what 17” laptop you choose to buy as said before depends on what you are going for.


First let’s get to the good stuff. The Apple MacBook Pro 17” Laptop. The notebook is Apple’s most top models and has recently been updated to include an Intel i5 Processor. It is also the slimmest and lightest 17” notebook Apple has but don’t let that fool you. It also is one of the strongest models operating with the Mac OS X. The Macbook pro has unibody case and the entire aluminum case is milled form one single piece of aluminum, giving it a smooth metallic surface. No matter what brand of hardware inside, you will never find a single sticker on its metallic body. Apple tends to like it’s laptop exactly the way it is. The separate keys on the keyboard may not look familiar but is definitely just as functional and the touchpad hiding into the pavement is just another innovative and impressive design. Again commenting on the looks of the Macbook Pro it’s slim design and lightness not only makes the laptop easy to carry but brings in a sophisticated grace to your laptop.


Next let’s talk about the HP Envy 17. The first thing you find attractive in the laptop is it’s style and design. Like the Macbook Pro This laptop also has a Aluminum chassis which gives it a appealing and sophisticated look. The keyboard design is also very impressive. It features a full size backlit keyboard and you have the option of controlling how bright or dim you want the lights of the keyboard to be. Similarly the Light of the HP logo just highlights the brand and boosts the users reputation. The 17” laptop also has great resolution with up to 1920 x 1080 HD screen resolution. It’s excellent for enjoying movies, working on your projects or just surfing the internet.

Tips and comments

These were some of the highly suggested beautiful 17” laptops in the market. Of course not everyone can afford to have performance and beauty together. The Macbook Pro is one of the most expensive laptops in the market, even HP envy 17 is tough to afford for a lot of people. The i5 series of laptops will easily cost you over $1000, depending on other configurations of course. Any how do consider the laptops if you’re in the market for a 17” laptop and you have a good budget.

By Amara, published at 03/10/2012
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Get Flat Looking Beautiful 17 Laptops. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.