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How To Use An Ac Laptop Adapter


For the owner of a new laptop computer, one of the essential supplementary items is an AC laptop adapter. Your portable system will run on its battery for a few hours, but then you will have to eventually plug it into a socket and juice it up again – hence, AC laptop adapter is required! Adapters, or chargers, differ according to the make and model of the laptop. The correct AC adapter is necessary in ensuring that the laptop continues to run and stay powered on for the time it is in use.

Step 1

Make sure your AC laptop adapter is compatible with your laptop system – it is always best to use a charger that is of the same brand as your laptop, and is the recommended one, according to the computer’s specifications.

Step 2

Before using, check to see if the power supply cord is firmly attached to the adapter and the end of the supply cord is plugged into an AC power outlet. Connect the AC laptop adapter pin into the charging outlet of the laptop. Switch on the AC power supply; the LED light on the adapter should be on and stable, showing that the adapter is properly working.

Step 3

Once it has been determined that the current is running through the AC laptop adapter, check to see that the laptop is actually being charged. If the laptop is off, the battery light indicates the status of charging; this light is usually found somewhere on the laptop’s external surface with other lights, such as the one indicating the on/off status of the laptop. If the laptop is powered on, the charging status can be found from the system tray icon.

Step 4

Once your laptop battery is fully charged, unplug the adapter and switch off its AC power supply. It is usually thought that leaving the AC laptop adapter on and plugged in, even after charging is complete, can cause ‘overcharging’ and damage the battery. However, computer brands like Dell claim that their batteries are designed in a way that stops charging once the battery reaches full charge, so leaving the adapter plugged in causes no harm and the battery charge is not used if you continue to use your laptop.

Step 5

Universal AC laptop adapters are also available, which come with several different tips, so one such charger can be used for connecting and charging various laptops, each with its respective tip. When travelling, check the voltage differences and any additional adapter that may need to be attached to convert the plug pins.


Appropriate care and handling is required for an AC laptop adapter much the same as with other electronic equipment. Provide a cool temperature when storing, and adequate ventilation when it is in use, so it does not get too heated up! In case of any problems, contact the retailers instead of fiddling with or attempting to open your adapter – leave it to the experts! Once you know the basics, using an AC laptop adapter is pretty simple and straightforward, and an easy-to-use necessity for your laptop battery.

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