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Laptop computers are fast becoming a necessity for the tech-inspired generation of today. Toshiba is a pioneer in electronics and its laptop technology ranks among the earliest developed, and one of the best even today. Toshiba earlier developed its Satellite laptop range; these were later upgraded into a professional line of laptops, the Satellite Pro Laptop computers which have an increased number of features. The Satellite Pro Laptop computers are labeled as having great performance results and durability, and are a top choice of professionals. They were top-notch when they first came out, and even now Toshiba continues to unveil some models every year that are packed with the newest features and enough technology to satisfy business professionals for their everyday use.


The Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop computers were part of a family of laptops that were first revealed in the market in 1995 and were quite advanced for that time; they were at the higher end of the market. The Pro series was developed as having more business-oriented laptops than the consumer-oriented Satellite range. The Satellite Pro range has been recently reintroduced by Toshiba and now contains laptops that are similar to their predecessors in being designed for business tasks but with advanced features, the newest Windows OS built-in, and having good value for money!


The laptops from the newer Pro series are contained within the C650 range that has 5 models of this laptop available. These laptops are built for business use and thus balance productivity and value, meaning that all basic business tasks can be managed with them. Their 15.6” screen is TruBrite with a glossy finish and is wide enough for presentation and spreadsheet comfort. Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 both are compatible with these systems as required by the user. The Pro laptop series also has a full-size keyboard (ideal for accounting and finance professionals), a webcam with face recognition and microphone for contact with coworkers, DVD optical drive that is SuperMulti, and a media card reader for all kinds of SD cards from phones, cameras etc. Wi-Fi is built-in for all-time connectivity, and a separate Ethernet port. You can charge your smart phone with it even when the computer is powered off! The touch pad has multi-touch features for scrolling through images easily. The graphics are Intel-integrated, and RAM is 4 GB DDR3 (1333 MHz). Up to 320 GB hard disk space is included which is ample for storage of data and documents.

Tips and comments

The Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop computers are designed for workplace and professional use. Their features and productivity may seem low to hard-core multitaskers and those demanding greater performance, but the laptops are inexpensive, sleek, and good for business tasks. The battery life and media capabilities of the laptops are quite limited, but the Pro Laptop C650 range, that is the latest in the series, has Dual-core processors in each system. They mostly have one year warranty because of their competitive prices that rival those of other lower-end laptops available in the market from other brands.

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/17/2012
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Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop Computers. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.