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Advantages Of Using a Core Duo Laptop


A core duo laptop is basically a laptop that contains a core duo processor. A core duo processor is a CPU that is known as a multi-core processor and is produced by Intel which incorporates two processor chips on the same chip; each processor has its own cache which is like having two processors on the same machine.


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Core duo laptop processors are built for users that like to multi-task. These processors enable the users to run multiple applications that need significant processing power, for example, programs that require graphics such as games and anti-viruses.


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There are many advantages of using a core duo laptop. This is because a core duo processor energy consumption is very efficient, and hence the laptop runs efficiently. And, not to mention, there are also energy efficiencies built into the processor, i.e., such that the chip is designed to supply power to areas of the chip only when it is needed which saves power in the laptop.


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Before going deeper into the benefits of core duo laptop, it is important to understand what is threading. A thread is basically a single stream of data through the processor on the system; each application generates its own or multiple threads depending on how it is running. With current multitasking, a processor can only handle a single thread at a time and so the system switches between the threads to process the data in a seemingly concurrent manner.

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The advantage of having a core duo laptop is that the system can handle more than one thread. Each processor can handle a different stream of data. This increases the performance of a system that is running concurrent applications, for example, the server.


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The Intel company introduced something known as hyper threading which is quite different from multithreading which makes a single core duo laptop processor appear to the system as if it had multiple processors. This increases the speed at which the system could switch between multiple threads, thus boosting multitasking on core duo laptop.

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Its good to know that for true benefits of multithreading to be seen, the software that is running on the computer must be written to support multithreading; otherwise, threads will be primarily run on a single processor, thus degrading the discovery of the core duo laptop.


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Most of the applications that an average user runs currently do not have multithreading written on the application software. A good example to explain this is to look at a normal PC game where most of the games require some sort of rendering engine to explain what is happening in the game




As we all know, the higher the clock speed, the faster the processor will be and this is because the core duo laptop processors are designed to fit in roughly same dimensions as the single core processor; the speeds are not going to be the same. Most of the early core duo laptop processors are going to run at lower clock speed than single core processors. This is because a dual-core each running at 1GHz should be equivalent to a single processor running at 2GBz, and the problem is that this doesn’t work when the programs are not written to take advantage of the multiple processors.

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