The Best Duo Core Laptop
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The Best Duo Core Laptop

Published at 03/23/2012 12:14:40


The Best Duo Core Laptop

If you’re in the market to buy a new Duo Core laptop then you’re gonna need to decide on more than just one fact to get one. You need to decide on what size screen you want, the size of hard disk, the type of graphics, the kind of drives and so much more. Your budget would be one of the main constraints. You probably would get one of these for at least $300 and sometimes heavy configurations won’t be fit enough for the Duo core processor. Hence the best duo core laptop won’t be by brand or by company but by the combination of other hardware attached with the Duo core processor. We will still try to point out the already default brands with best configurations in the Duo Core series.


The Best Duo Core Laptop

The best Duo core laptop built under the Intel Architecture was the Apple MacBook Pro in 2006. This was also the first laptop by Apple to built using a processor made by Intel. At the time of Launch the laptop was priced at $2000 but still received outstanding response from the public. The reason people were ready to pay the extremely high amount for the laptop was for few significant reasons. Firstly, the brand name APPLE alone was a price appreciator. Any merchandise with the Apple logo simply gives the owner a prestige and unique outlay. Secondly the laptop’s beautiful and sleek design was simply to sexy. There was no other laptop in the market at the moment offering better looks and design. Then there was the robust software package including the MAC OSX trigger, The amazing illuminating keyboard which was also a very unique feature at the time. This was also one of the few laptops offering remote control and built in webcams (although by late 2006 built in webcams had become quiet common). There were a few drawbacks as well, Nonnative software couldn’t properly function in the laptop and the laptop had much fewer ports than traditional laptops. Plus if you wanted higher configurations you would have to pay much more than it’s other PC competitors.


The Best Duo Core Laptop

The fact is that Using a MacBook Pro simply delivers to you style, set of amazing features and software and spectacular performance. The only problem is that nonnative software slows the system down like Photoshop or other apps. Apple made huge leap forward switching to Intel Processors and the Core Duo laptop Macbook Pro 1.1 was simply the first in line. Today Macbook Pro laptops have intel i3 and i7 processors that deliver even better performance. The best part about the Macbook Pro 1.1 was that Apple had released a utility called “BOOT CAMP” which allowed user to run windows XP on the MACBOOK PRO system, this allowed users to use nonnative apps and utilities without having to comprising on system performance.

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Hence the APPLE MACBOOK PRO 1.1 is undoubtedly the best DUO CORE laptop in the market. THE 15 inch laptop with 1.8Ghz and 1GB RAM delivered simply the best performance money could buy. Today you’ll probably find this laptop near $700, which is still very pricy considering it’s 6 years old and a Duo Core laptop.


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