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How To Upgrade Your Laptop With a Duo Core Processor


Processor is an important part of any computer system. Without it no computer system is complete. All the important decisions are taken by the processor. Processor speed is measured in MHz and GHz. Earlier, MHz was considered but now due to technological advancement MHz is not sufficient for complex activities and is replaced by more powerful GHz. Core Duo laptop is very common nowadays. These days Manufacturer market Core Duo laptop at a nominal price. Old laptop can easily upgrade Core Duo laptop without any hiccups. Below we are going to discuss about the process to upgrade your current laptop into a new Core Duo laptop.

Step 1

Motherboard compatibility must be checked before upgrading your laptop to a Core Duo laptop. Not all motherboard support Core Duo processor. It is better to read the manual or contact your local authorized dealer before purchasing a Core Duo processor. Many users unknowingly purchase the processor and after that they realize that it’s not compatible with the motherboard. Any other additional accessories such as RAM, Graphics card and LAN card must also be compatible with the motherboard.

Step 2

Upgrading the laptop must be done by the authorized dealer or agent of the product manufacturer. Inexperienced engineer may cause damage to the processor or the motherboard like break the pin, wrong connection of power cable etc. If any problem arises due to their unwanted experiment then they are liable for the damage. Upgrading simple laptop to a Core Duo laptop is easy, if it is done in a proper manner. You can also call the helpline number for any kind of assistance.

Step 3

Laptop processors are not found easily. Extensive research on the web might be a big help of starters. Currently, there are two major Manufacturers Intel and AMD. Intel is the first one to launch the Core Duo processor and that’s the reason why many manufacturers use Intel processor to manufacture Core Duo laptop. That doesn’t mean that AMD is bad, it is also very good. Choosing the perfect processor is completely dependent on user preference.

Step 4

RAM is second most important hardware of the laptop. All the functions are fetched as well as saved in the Ram. It is a temporary memory and is very costly. A Core Duo laptop motherboard supports two frequencies 1600MHz and 1866MHz respectively. It is available in two modules DDR2 and DDR3 and is very fast compared to the older RAM. It is advised that user should opt for at least 3GB of RAM, and if needed they can increase it as per their wish. Many video game enthusiasts go for 4 to 6GB of RAM.

Step 5

A stable and reliable operating system is an important aspect of Core Duo laptop. As operating system is an interface between user and the underlying hardware, good operating system utilizes the power of the properly.


Linux and Windows are the two most common operating systems available in the market. Many laptops come with preinstalled operating system.

additional tip

Additional graphics card can also be installed for better visual experience. But they need to be compatible with the motherboard.

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