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Published at 03/26/2012 18:49:39


Computers and laptops have eased our work in a great amount. We need internet for several purposes. Most of the data can be accessed and can be sent with the help of internet. For internet connection we either need a cable connection or a data card through which we can access the net. But with the development of technology, laptop card is manufactured with the laptop itself. With this, we can connect directly to the internet without any cable connection. A signal is being sent from the wireless router or from the tower of the cell laptops that have built in cards for internet connection while some have facilities for external connection of laptop card.

Types of networks

There are four types of networks namely A, B, C, N. While selecting a wireless network, it is important that the protocol must support the wireless card of the laptop. Modern laptops have a built in laptop card which enables the user to directly connect with the internet provider with the help of a cell phone tower. The built-in wireless works the same way as the way the cell phone works while making a call. Inbuilt wirelesses have one of the most important features known as the PCMCIA. This stands for personal computer memory card international association. This is commonly known as the PC card. This card mainly contains the antenna and with the help of this antenna, all the wireless points can be accessed. This has many advantages.

Importance of laptop cards

People can connect to the internet wherever they are. All the Wi-Fi hot spot points can be accessed easily be it the library, coffee house, or any public place that has Wi-Fi connectivity. If there is no cable connection in a place or people have forgotten to bring their external antenna to connect to the internet, then they can easily access any Wi-Fi connection in big shopping malls and they can easily complete their work. The advantage of the internal card is that, it shows all the networks which are in close periphery of the laptop for internet connection. It also shows the strength of the internet connection. It means the network which has the highest signal strength is shown first while other signals are shown according to their strength.

Use for WiFi

People can select the network that they want to choose. If a network does not work properly, they can disconnect from a particular network and they can connect with another network that has more signal strength. A Wi-Fi connection has its own speed. So by connecting to different networks people can easily access the internet. Internal antennas are tuned at particular frequencies, so they can detect the Wi-Fi antenna within that range and can connect to the internet. Depending upon the speed of the processor, data can be downloaded from the internet and can be run. A laptop card is available in the market and the quality of the laptop card depends on the company. Different kinds of cards have different antennas and its accessibility depends on the network.


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