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Thinkpad Laptop Pros And Cons


The ThinkPad Laptop is a line of computers that are produced by Lenovo, but are designed, developed and sold by IBM. Due to their special design that was inspired from the traditional Japanese lunchboxes, these laptop computers become very popular and have acquired an important share on the market. ThinkPad is used by schools and large businesses, and it was the first laptop certified to be used in space, respectively on the International Space Station. The first model of a ThinkPad laptop was introduced on the market in 1992, and it was very successful, collecting around 300 awards for quality and design.

As any of the computer products launched on the market, the ThinkPad laptop has collected appreciations and complaints from its users. During its evolution, ThinkPad developers have used all this information for improving laptop’s features, in order to meet the needs and requirements of the majority of users. Here are some pros and cons collected from ThinkPad users.


The pro list for a ThinkPad device is long, but from the most appreciated features we can name the light weight, decent size, battery life and the high speed processor. From the first moment the laptop is opened from the box, it impresses with the rugged exterior and the incredible look. ThinkPad devices are working fast, and this speed is supported by enough RAM and Hard Drive space. The screen is another superior feature, allowing users to benefit of a high quality resolution. The incorporated camera is also good, in comparison with other similar devices available on the market. Software and the data encryption are other important features to be named in the pros list. The keyboard is coming with a separate number keypad, and it has been appreciated as being very user-friendly. Another appreciated feature is the sleep mode that allows users to leave the ThinkPad laptop for many hours or days, without the power of the battery to be wasted. Another plus is the resistance of the laptop material that can be carbon fiber reinforced plastic or even titanium composite cases.


The writing surface did not meet user’s expectations. The first cons from the list are the backlit that is missing from the keyboard and the recognition software where not all the character work is completed. Price is another factor that can keep at distance many of those interested in purchasing a ThinkPad laptop. The noise made by the CD/DVD drive is a little disturbing, but for some devices this problem can be rectified from the bios settings, if these are changed to the silent mode. The touchpad default settings are slow, and these are making the ThinkPad device a little less responsive.


The large number of positive reviews and awards achieved by ThinkPad laptops are making these devices very competitive players on this market. Latest ThinkPad models launched are coming with more improved features, in order to maintain and even exceed their top position among customer’s preferences. In terms of money and available features, ThinkPad can be the best solution for those looking for a handy and powerful device.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/27/2012
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Thinkpad Laptop Pros And Cons. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.