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Review Of the Best Laptop Pc Computers


People of the modern life have developed an attachment to this thriving accessory known as laptop pc computers. They seem to be talking, walking and breathing them. Their use has become so common that even a 5 year old seems to have one of them. They play such an essential role in our lives. We are connected to the outer world because of them. And they also happen to be inexpensive and easily purchasable for people who look in the right places. Some of the basic features are present in all of the laptop pc computers that are found nowadays.

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Laptop pc computers are the most commonly used ones nowadays as compared to pc or laptop pc computers, due to their portability basically. Some of the best ones include Dell XPS 13; currently the hottest that is around. It is cheap and affordable and has all the features that one might want. It is slim, chic and classy with a 13 inch display that may even top the Mac Book Air in some areas.

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HP Envy 14 Spectre also falls in the laptop pc computers with a unique and exceptional design that includes a lot of features that are both amazing and incredible. It has a multi-touch response along with a slim 14 inch ultra-book body. HP Pavilion is another amazing piece that is inexpensive. It is a black 14 inch laptop that comes with an awesome red-back lit keyboard and a subwoofer. The Origin Genesis Z68 is a pc that is great and powerful with an impeccable performance.

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Another top pc includes Maingear F131. It provides you with maximum storage and remarkable speed. Other laptop pc computers like the Lenovo Idea Pad U400 is another laptop computer that is economical with its glossy and attractive metal design. It has some unbelievable features which for its price is amazing. It also has a slot loading DVD drive and AMD graphics.

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The Maingear Vybe Super Stock is a pc that is an extraordinary mix of speed affordability tucked into a competently designed case. Toshiba Portege Z835-P330 is a thin and sleek ultra-book style laptop computer with features that everyone wants. It is one of the best deals in town.

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The Sony Vaio does not fall under the catagory of the laptop pc computers, however is one of the most famous ones nowadays. It isn’t even that expensive, which is great if we take into account all the features it has to offer. It has awesome AMD graphics, finger print reading, optional Blu-ray, HD webcam, and high definition 1,600x900 pixel displays. An alternative to this can be the Sony Vaio Z series which is an upscale 13 inch laptop. It is fast, slim and light and includes an optical drive and distinct graphics. What adds to its awesomeness is that it has a life-long battery and a unique GPU. Micro Express is another pc that allows you to work over heavy graphics as well as 3D tasks.


These are some of the best laptop pc computers that people are interested in and are purchasing. After cell phones these laptop pc computers are the most popular creation known to mankind.

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By Sidra Rana, published at 03/30/2012
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