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Laptop is nowadays preferred more than bulky desktop systems. When it comes to choosing a laptop, you need to be sure about the functions for which it will be generally used. Even professional gamers now prefer laptops than the desktop systems, due to their easy to carry feature. Gaming laptop is not easy to buy. You need to know what you should have within the laptop. While selecting the perfect gaming laptop few tips and tricks should be followed. Just buying a branded laptop which boasts to be a gaming laptop might be a waste of money too.


When buying a gaming laptop make sure that the processor included within the system is not less than 2.4 GHz and has multi-core CPU built into it. Preferably, it should be a quad core CPU due to the nature of the 3D games coming out nowadays. A better CPU often allows you to play the game with much more fluency and greater video frame rate processing power when compared to a low end laptop. For example, you can go with AMD Phenom X4 systems or even Intel Core i7 systems.

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the primary memory, which is another crucial part of a gaming laptop. Always buy a laptop that has minimum 3 to 4 GB or either DDR2 or DDR3 RAM built into it. More the RAM, faster the machine will run. DDR3 RAM will have faster and better data transport mechanism when compared to DDR2 or other RAM types. Therefore, try to stick either with DDR3 or at least with DDR2. Most of the games have minimum requirements of 1 to 1.5 GB of RAM nowadays.

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The graphics card built into the gaming laptop is the most crucial part of all. There are numerous laptop brands that come with graphics card integrated along with it. Try to stick with those laptops which have minimum 2 GB dedicated graphics card built into it. You can either go with NVIDIA or with ATI series of graphics cards, based on your preference. Remember, more the amount of dedicated RAM for graphics, better clear and dot less frame quality you will get. Even the FPS (Frames per second) will increase.

Operating system is very essential part of gaming and hence the gaming laptop. Try to stick with the latest version of Windows operating system that is Windows 7. It comes built in with DirectX 12 and even has better technology for supporting enhanced gaming experience. If you want to use any other operating systems, check out the compatibility factor of the games with that particular OS. Remember that Windows is till now the most compatible OS of the lot for all types of professional games.


You will even need to check the compatibility of the gaming laptop with various devices you will need for heavy gaming scenarios like cooling systems, connectivity for D-pad or other gaming devices, anti-glare screen etc. dell alienware is the most successful gaming laptop in present market. Though, the overall cost is slightly greater than other laptops but it promises to deliver a high quality.

By AJ, published at 03/26/2012
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the Best Gaming Laptop. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.