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5 Brands That Offer a Laptop 17 Inch


With advancing technology, the computer has been getting smaller over the years, starting as clunky room-large systems operated by many people, and then becoming small enough to be known as a personal computer. Laptops are the epitome of the term ‘personal’; being small and equipped enough to cater to any individual’s needs. While some may prefer net books, tablets and PDAs that may be handheld or have 10 inch screens, many laptop users require sufficient screen sizes to be a good replacement to their desktop systems. 13 to 17 inch laptop screens are the common range available, and 17 inch laptops are sought after especially by those interested in multimedia – movies, games, video/audio editing, graphics, games etc.


Laptops or notebooks have been around commonly for a couple of decades. The first notebooks were ‘portable’, at least more so than stationary desktops because they were heavy and not that easy to carry around. Various prominent computer companies began to develop slimmer and slimmer laptops year after year, upgrading the specifications with the help of smaller hardware components. With all the room needed for other parts, laptop screens needed to be kept on the lower end of the scale, making them less attractive for consumers attached to their widescreen desktop monitors and television screens. 15 inches was the largest screen available for a while, until Apple revealed the first 17 inch laptop screen in its PowerBook G4 in 2003, touted as providing a screen experience until then ‘found only in desktop computer systems.’ Since then, most companies have come out with models that go up to 19 inches even, and 20 inch laptop screens have been unveiled at high prices as well.


So which brands offer a 17 inch laptop in their arsenal?
1. Toshiba offers its Satellite range of laptops, with comfortable 17.3 inch screens and great specs for general use.
2. HP (Hewlett Packard) has the Pavilion dv7 in 17 screen size, and its pricier second generation Envy notebooks also have a 17 inch model.
3. Dell offers a 17 Inspiron that is equipped for general purpose uses, as well as M17x, part of its monster Alien ware gaming laptop series.
4. MSI comes to mind with gaming; the Micro star is a gaming notebook with high specs and a large screen.
5. Acer Aspire is one of Acer’s 17 screen notebooks that is popular for being less expensive compared to other large notebook brands.

Tips and comments

Gaming laptops having a 17 inch screen are common; many users don’t prefer having to carry around a heavy laptop, especially business consumers who travel frequently and require less intense features from their notebook systems. The 17 inch laptop, however, boasts quality and style, and grants a complete multimedia experience as well as breathing space for any kind of computer activity. Many brands offer larger notebooks as well as the smaller ones that are more accessible cost-wise for the general public, so those willing to spend more bucks on their systems have a wide variety of companies to choose the perfect laptop from.

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/30/2012
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5 Brands That Offer a Laptop 17 Inch. 4 of 5 based on 12 votes.