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Not so long ago, laptops were used exclusively for business or for studying. This norm is however being broken. More and more people are turning to laptops as their source of entertainment. Recent technological advancements have made laptops to be smaller while carrying more processing power. For many people on the go, laptops are convenient and less bulky sources of entertainment. For the ultimate entertainment laptop you need a laptop capable of supporting various removable media. Enter DVD ROMS. Digital video discs abbreviated as dvds offer large capacity storage in a very small space. Hence, they have become a common mode of long term storage of data.

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A few laptops in the market do not ship with laptop dvd players causing a major inconvenience to their users. If your laptop does not ship with a laptop dvd player or you have to replace a faulty one there is no need for worry. Laptop dvd players can be easily purchased from your local store.

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However, for the not so tech savvy, purchasing a laptop dvd player is not easy. If you happen to be in an ordeal similar to this, you are inluck. Here is how to get a good deal on laptop dvd players.

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As always the web will be a great source for mouth-watering bargains on laptop dvd players. E commerce websites like bay will offer numerous options for you at very good prices

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Consider the cost of what you are buying and be very sure of what you want. If you were out to buy a basic laptop dvd player, don’t spend on one of those fancy units which the dealer recommends. Be particular on what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it.

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Laptop dvd players clock in at different speeds.Speeds are measured according to the write speed of the drive. They range from 2X to 20X fordvds and up to 52X for CD-R. The more the speed the faster you will be able to read and write from the disc.


This will eliminate any lag experience d when copying data or when playing demanding multimedia content. Aspeed of 8X and about will be more than enough for the average user.

The name dvd is a generalised term for many types of laptop dvd players. Here are some of their abbreviations and what they mean. DVD R is an abbreviation for DVD read only. This means that laptop dvd player with this feature willonly be able to read from the disc. DVD RW means that your drive will both read and write.If you want to get yourself a good laptop dvd player look for one which is able to both read and write dvds.

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Recent developments have led to the emergence of dual layer dvds with a capacity of up to 9.4 GB which is double that of the normal dvd and blue ray dvds.Note that these new storage gadgets are not compatible with older models of laptop dvd players so check for compatibility to ensure you get the bet deal possible.

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