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How To Find the Best Laptops Batteries


Laptops are some of the best electrical devices that man built too enhance portability with of work wherever one goes because a laptop has the capability of working in an environment that does not have a direct closed electric circuit if the laptop battery is fully charged and can last up to eight hours depending on the type of work you are using it for. Laptops batteries are at times notorious for running out of juice when you are in the middle of an important task but at times you can avert this by selecting the power plans that it has to offer which mostly are the balanced and power saver, so if your computer is unplugged and you are relying on the laptop batter life to operate the laptop it is best that you choose the power saver mode and the laptop will automatically configure itself to squeeze maximum life out of the laptop battery and last longer. The laptops batteries enable you to access files, log into the internet, send emails and finish work or assignments when you are on the go. The following instructions will help you get the best laptops batteries.

Step 1

The biggest nightmare to a laptop owner is when the battery life span ends or reduces, some of the causes maybe due to overcharging, dropping, dipping in beverages and buying a faulty or a not original compatible battery for your laptop. Laptops batteries are lithium ion and differ mainly on the number of cells contained in the battery which is the six cell lithium battery and the four cell lithium battery, this is essential when one needs to replace the battery.

Step 2

The best place to get the best laptops batteries that are not faulty is from the manufacturers website of the laptop model which you are using and this can be done through an internet connection in which you fill in your details through which shipment of your laptop battery can be made and the payment is made online, go for this option if and only if you are well versed with online purchases if not you can ask a trusted friend because it entails essential personal bank account details or ask your bank to help you.

Step 3

You can also purchase it locally through stores that sell electronics and which are known to deal with laptops. Getting a shop is easy but getting a good shop that will sell you good original Lithium cell laptops batteries can be a bit daunting so when you choose your retailer don’t do it because they are cheap this might be an expensive venture you are not prepared for. Carry your faulty battery to the retailer and make sure the entire details match with the one engraved in your laptop battery.

Step 4

You can check through the newspaper classifieds or from your array of fellow friends who happen to own laptops. Newspapers are easily accessible and they contain tones and tones of information in the classified section which include some of the best laptop deals and all accessories that come with a laptop and the laptops batteries is part and puzzle of the accessories. Some magazines also have an electronic segment or purely electrical appliances which range from televisions to computers and laptops. They may contain information about shops where laptops are sold and their location which will lead you right at their door step and you get to replace your laptops batteries.

Step 5

However laptops batteries can be quite expensive and if you can’t afford it at a go you can opt to open a kitty where you can save up the amount and meanwhile the portability aspect of your laptop will be crippled for a while until you can acquire a new laptop battery and if you choose this option remove the faulty battery from the laptop and connect the laptop to the charging adaptor.


With the above information you will be well equipped to get a replacement of your laptops batteries with much ease and also be able to avert a chance of being sold a counterfeit.

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