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Features Of the Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop


Computers have today become the basic devices that make your work very easy with some having features that apply to any kind of work you do. May it be education, engineering, business and even leisure the computer will serve you very efficiently. Lenovo group limited is a Chinese international company that manufactures and markets computers. The Lenovo ThinkPad laptop is the latest and most advanced creation of the Lenovo group. It is a laptop that has taken a respectable share of the market due to its convenience and other many features. 

The Lenovo ThinkPad laptop comes with distinct different sizes according to the type of ThinkPad it is. They come with screen sizes from 14inch, 15 inch and 15.4 inch in the wide screen class. The weight of the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop is just remarkable since it is too light you wont even feel you are actually carrying a computer. Weights start from as low as 5.3 to 6 lb depending on the system configuration. With this kind of weight you can spend the whole day carrying you Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and you will not be tired at all.

The Lenovo ThinkPad laptop comes with three selection CPUs all Intel core duo types. This are known to the fastest available processors to ever been created so you are guaranteed that your ThinkPad is as fast as possible. All Lenovo ThinkPad laptops have these types of CPUs and are all duo cores and that is an advantage to you since you will use it with the fastest processing speed.

Hard drives are devices that have the permanent memory storage in the Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. They range from 60GB to 160GB capacity which enables you to have so much space to store all you computer data. To add on to that the hard drive is easily accessible for upgrading and replacements if you need to get a bigger one. You will be able to add an ultra bay slim adapter that will enable you to install an extra hard drive. With this feature you are able to store so much data in your Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and even add an extra hard drive for more space.

Windows XP and most versions of Windows Vista are supported by the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop. Most of the ThinkPads have the Windows 7 operating system but it requires you to upgrade you memory to at least 1GB RAM to function properly. For the Windows Vista it is recommended to upgrade your RAM to at least 2GB. These versions of operating system are the best on the market and working with them is very efficient and reliable.

The Lenovo ThinkPad laptop has a wireless enabled feature that allows you to access the Internet any where with wireless enabled network absolutely free. With its long lasting battery you will go even to outdoor places and access wireless connection as freely as possible. This network is received with no hiccups and the Internet is very fast. This helps you access the web anywhere you are and very convenient to you.


The features above are just but a few of the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop and getting one of this types of laptops is the best for any work you may have.

By Hannah, published at 04/03/2012
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