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Tips And Ideas For Keyboard Laptop


The laptop keyboard enhances the beauty of a laptop, and that is why almost all the manufacturers of laptops emphasize this aspect. Laptop keyboard is designed in such a way that they run smooth at all times.

The keys of a laptop keyboard are soft, and they should be used gently. Use the shortcuts and commands and avoid heavy typing as it will affect the keys. The circuit of a laptop keyboard is directly linked to the system so that there shouldn’t be any hurdle in the communication. To avoid any troubleshooting you must clean the keys of your laptop regularly. It will help remove all the dust and other particles, and it will improve its performance.

Step 1

For cleaning a laptop keyboard just take a small piece of cloth and rub the keys softly. You can use a cleaning agent or solution or shiner and use it with the help of a piece of cloth, and it will help you in removing the stains over and around the keys. However, never apply the shiner directly on the keys as it can reach to the circuit board and can damage it. Always remember one thing to turn off your laptop before doing this procedure as it can be harmful to your laptop if it’s powered on.

Step 2

Occasionally it may happen that you spill some tea, coffee or water on the keyboard laptop. There’s no need panic right away, immediately turn the laptop off and if there’s a hair dryer available use it to dry off the laptop as soon as possible. You may experience keys that sometimes popped out if you’re typing very fast or maybe children just pressed hard enough that the keys couldn’t resist and popped out. However, no need to worry you can popped them in by pushing them in the way there hooks are making sure they aren’t broken. If the keys got broken you can always get new ones from the store, and you don’t have to by the whole keyboard for that.

Step 3

There’s a small mouse scroll button also in between the keys of laptops keyboards, which help the users who are habitual in using mouse working more efficiently. Recently, many companies have launched tablet computers, which have a touch keyboard in them. Their small sensors and electronic circuit which are so sensitive and delicate that if something spills on it, the chances of them becoming garbage, increases. Even if you are not aware of touch keys then they will give you a hard time pressing them because in touch keys you have to press in a certain area and limit. However, the laptop keyboards are very much reliable, efficient, accurate and easy to use, and hence they have captured the market since a very long time.


Laptops are being used a lot these days due to their advanced technology and portability. They are easy to carry anywhere and hence you’re always keeping in touch with your work anywhere you want. The keyboards of laptops are not like the ones of computers. They are delicate and sensitive and we should take some measure in using them or they could get damage.


The world is becoming portable gradually. The cradle phones have become mobile phones whereas the personal computers have become laptops.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/01/2012
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