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the Best Laptop Tablet

Published at 03/31/2012 22:46:46


the Best Laptop Tablet

The hottest new gadget these days everyone wants to get their hands on is a Tablet. No I don’t mean drugs I mean the tablet computers you get in the electronic market by Apple, Acer, Blackberry, Samsung or just any other company that already exist as a mobile phone manufacturer but there is just one drawback that makes us hesitant to buy a Tablet. Tablets cost just as much as new laptops and some are even more expensive yet they can hardly provide you with the benefits that a laptop can. For this precise reason lot of PC manufacturers are now supplying the PC market with Tablet Laptops. These are laptop machines with touchscreens that allow you to forgo the use of a mouse or touchpad and use a stylus pen or just the swift touch of your finger. Tablet laptops give you the experience of having a touch screen tablet with all the benefits a computer; it’s like windows now with all touch interfaces.


the Best Laptop Tablet

Now we all know that touch screen laptops that have flip able screens aren’t that new and have been around for some time, but the latest hype for tablets have actually brought them up in demand and considering how much better the technology has become, they are actually exciting now. The old Tablet PCs were kind of dull that would only run with a proper stylus and touch the screen with your finger would just screw up the sensors. That’s not the case anymore especially with the Dell 15-inch Tablet Laptop code named the "Dell Panerai". The laptop is yet to hit the market officially but thanks to FCC all of the schematics and specs of the laptop have been leaked to the public and is creating a real Hype. The Laptop is said to follow in the footsteps of it’s predecessor The Dell inspiron DUO convertible. The Panerai will have both a laptop mode and a tablet mode. It is rumored that the Panerai


the Best Laptop Tablet

The Dell Panerai is expected to have a Intel i5 and i7 processor and the best part is the flip nature of the laptop. The screen makes a complete 360 degree flip and can support a 15 inch screen. The laptop is expected to hit the market in late 2012 and is highly being waited for by most gadget geeks. Of course if you can’t wait till then you can always go for the Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible which is already in the market. The machine is highly recommended today as it fully supports a copy of the windows 7 home premium 32-bit and is an Atom CPU. Ten inch screen size makes it a true portable tablet and is very light weight. The machine is priced today around $600 but you’re sure to get great deals at your local computer mart.

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Bottom line is if you really want to spend your money a true tablet laptop then please wait for the Dell Panerai to be launched. The wait is definitely going to be worth it and you will have spent your money on the best of the best devices. If you really need one today then go for the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible, it’s the best out there and is very reasonably priced, it’s actually cheaper than the best tablet in the market.


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