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Many of us prefer using the touch screen facility in their smart phones on a regular basis, rather than the normal keypad. The touch screen technology offers easy accessibility and the obvious simplification of tasks. Now this technology is available in a wide range of laptops, giving you multiple choices to choose from. With the touch screen laptop, tasks like browsing, photo editing etc, are a breeze. Once you start using the touch screen laptop, you are destined to get addicted to it.


The touch screen laptop technology has been around on multitudinous formats for more than a decade now. We all must remember the tablet PC’s. Though it has only been since recent years since touch screen computing have started taking off, since the most acclaimed and applauded Apple iPhone made touch screens, a common feature. A major reason for this sudden popularity in touch screen laptops is its vast improvement in the efficiency of the touch system as earlier incarnations forced the user to press, instead of touch.


Nowadays, touch screen laptops are highly sensitive and receptive and the Microsoft Surface uses the advanced multi touch technology, which allows the user to interact with multiple tasks simultaneously. Including the fact he can touch, drag, shrink, stretch and flick away objects as I they were real.
Touch screen laptops; make a world free of keyboards and mouse, imaginable and real. The charm and joy of being able to perform all the computing tasks just by a mere touch of the finger, has undoubtedly had a marked accelerated effect in the growth, promotion and preference of touch screen laptops in markets.
As the name indicates, a touch screen laptop features an obvious touch screen replacing a keyboard. The rest of the usual computing functions remain unchanged. The added featured include, a superfast processor, bulk of memory, a larger hard disk and several USB ports.
Touch screen laptops are usually preferable for technicians, doctors, travelers, students and instructors who require the urgent ease of touch, not only as a matter of habit, but also the matter of saving time. There is a wide range of laptops to choose from when it comes to buying a touch screen one, though the reviews available online, could be a bit too promising and misguiding. Hence, it’s better if you could use the laptop by asking the co-worker to let you have a test in order to feel the touch. One should test all the functions and thoroughly view its physical construction before buying it.
One of the best touch screen laptops include, HP Touch Smart TM2 107OUS, Dell Inspiron DUO id-4495FNT, Acer Inconia 6120. Computing devices featuring the touch screen technology have shown a marked potential improvement, including the usage of Windows 7, which is namely the latest when it comes to Microsoft’s operating systems.

Tips and comments

Although Touch screen laptops are expensive than the usual laptops featuring the traditional keyboard, but it’s worth the investment. And we can expect to see more laptops and net books in the future featuring the touch screen.

By Sidra Rana, published at 04/03/2012
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the Best Touch Laptop Screen. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.