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How To Reset a Barbie B Bright Laptop


There are many Barbie B laptops that are in the market today being used in different jobs. But, the main one is in education for the young kids who love the Barbie activities like sounds. At some points, these laptops, after working for some time, will need some resetting so that they can offer good services.

Step 1

The laptop b is one of the simple computers that are used by small kids. It is not as complicated as the normal laptop; hence, at some times you will find it freezing whereby there is a need for the resetting procedure to be done. Here is how one can reset a laptop b unit to function normally.

Step 2

First, the general resetting of the laptop b will involve one removing the power AC cable from the machine for up to a quarter of an hour then plugging it back. If this does not happen, then you can do a complex reset as below.

Step 3

The first thing is to turn off the power. This is achieved by using the power button on the laptop b. This is done to avoid power surges that might interfere with the system and may lead to the damage of power system in the laptop. Also, make sure that the power source in also off from the main source.

Step 4

After powering off the laptop b, the user is required to find battery compartment usually located at the back of the machine. This is a simple rectangular shaped part. After the procedure, the person will have to place a coin inside the groove area found in the latch battery area. This is discharged to ensure that the battery wrap is released.

Step 5

After you have finished the above process for the laptop b, you will be required to remove all the batteries that are of the AA size which are located in the battery compartment in the machine. These batteries will have worked for a longer period of time and could have lost the power, hence, making the machine to loose power or work ineffectively. So, by removing the old and spoilt battery, you will be in a position to replace them with a new set of powerful new power source.

In addition

Now, the laptop b is nearly reset but, first, after you have removed the old batteries, you will be required to replace them with the new battery of the same size. But, you have to make sure that they have enough power to power on the machine. After you have replaced the power source, you will have done it. So, cover the back area of the machine and you will have reset the Barbie B Bright Laptop and ready for use in a better manner.

Final Tips

When replacing the batteries, one has to ensure that they are the recommended lithium batteries as they can last long and are found easily on the market. It is still possible to change the levels in a laptop b machine so that it suits your kids learning experience.

By Charles Githinji, published at 04/05/2012
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