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6 Tips To Make Better Laptop 14.1


Screen size of a laptop is one of the important things to consider as you select the kind of laptop you want to buy. Laptop 14.1 is one of the basic screen sizes that renowned for professional displays. Actually the difference between lots of laptop models is simply the size of the screen size. Anything below 14.1 is not recommended since it may present certain problems when it comes to the quality of display. The laptop screen size is a factor in how long your battery is going to last. Expect at least 9 hours of battery life as long as the battery is at optimum condition with a standard 14.1 inch screen.


Step 1

Though the 15.4 inch screen has fronted as better due to the standard price since you are not charged extra for the bigger screen, nothing beats the laptop 14.1 inch display. The standard 14.1 offers the best viewable display not to mention a good price. One of the high points of the 14.1 screen is that you get the best from the best battery life.


Step 2

The laptop 14.1 display can be improved if you want the best of both worlds; all you need to do is get the standard 14.1 and move on to make adjustments. You can configure the LCD displays by using the options provided on your laptop settings. By default the laptop screen is set to XGA display which can be adjusted as per the user’s choice.



Step 3

One can upgrade the XGA laptop 14.1 inch screen display to the SXGA+, alternatively you can better the display by using the UXGA .Both of these screen settings are bound to offer you better displays. A word of caution is in order here for those who have trouble seeking as these adjustments may make it even harder for them to see.



Step 4

The different displays for provided alongside the laptop 14.1 make everything smaller in size without making great sacrifices to quality. By making certain adjustments the screen will be able to fit more icons; however they will appear smaller than in the default settings. If you don’t mind when icons are smaller then you can proceed to make the screen adjustments as long as you can see the smaller icons on the screen.


Step 5

When using the laptop 14.1 in a room with windows and open doors that glare on the computer screen its important to close the blinds and curtain in order block out glare which can lead to eye strain. The screen should be cleaned regularly in order to ensure that you can view the contents on the display at all times. Removing the battery charger of laptop 14.1 is often one of the basic things that most people overlook.



The charger will be supplying power even when the laptop 14.1 is off which can cause wear down the laptop causing complications later. Whatever you do avoid exposing the laptop 14.1 to harsh weather as this could lead to short circuit or mess up with the battery causing a leak on to the motherboard.


By richard sigar, published at 04/07/2012
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