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How To Purchase a Mini Laptop


Getting a laptop mini will require you to know more about computer specifications and features. You have to write down the particular uses you need it for to get the right model at the best prices and packages. Portable computers or laptop mini are becoming more popular these days so make sure you find the right device that allows you to work and play anywhere.

Step 1

How Small Do You Want the Laptop Mini to Be?

The first thing to consider when aiming for a laptop mini is size. How small do you need the unit to be? Why do you need a smaller laptop? There are models that weigh less than 10 ounces only, with a thickness of just over 1 inch and a screen size of 11 inches or smaller. Portability and convenience must be the main factors to consider when choosing the right size. 

Step 2

Ideally, you should be able to carry the open laptop mini with one hand. You can even hold one end of the device without having to worry about breaking it because of too much weight on the opposite end. The screen size should be compact for convenience but still enough for you to do other activities like watch videos, view profiles and manage documents.

Step 3

Third, check the video card. It's best to look for a card that has enough capacity to run many common programs used today such as graphic designing software, video editing software and even games. Aim for video cards with at least 256 MB. There are now small laptops that do not include CD/DVD-rom devices for added compactness. You can choose a plug and play instead.


Step 4

About Specifications

A laptop mini usually has less powerful specifications compared to a regular laptop because of its compactness. The ventilation system, drives and motherboard is relatively smaller and will only be able to handle lower level hardware. Overall, you need to check the main devices for maximum efficiency and power despite its small size. First, check the processor. It should be able to handle the basic programs as well as a few advanced ones that require a lot of speed and power. Second, the RAM should be large enough to support the activities of the processor. There are now mini laptops with 2 to 4GB memory.



Step 5

On Brand and Price

There are a number of trusted brands in the market that offer some of the best laptop mini today. Investing in these known names will make sure that you make the most out of the investment by getting portable computers that will last for 3 to 8 years, depending on the use and maintenance. Also ensure that you get a motherboard from a known manufacturer because this serves as the base of all other components in the unit. Have the typical operating system installed as well as popular anti-virus software. The price of branded products will be more expensive but you can also guarantee quality and have parts or the entire product replaced as long as it is under warranty. Warranty lasts for about 12 months for most laptop mini.

By Seth Evan, published at 02/09/2012
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