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8 Tips For a Pc Notebook Laptop


The PC notebook laptop was one of the greatest discoveries in the last decade. The PC notebook laptop is used more and more for a wide range of activities. In the present many business firms produce these devices. This article is about the first things you need to know about a PC notebook laptop.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to determine what type of laptop best suits your requirements, dimensions and weight:
• 10 to 13.3 inches and weigh between 1.2 to 2 kg: systems of this class are called notebooks or mini-laptops. The best are capable of running full-HD movies, but in principle such a laptop is modest, dedicated especially to those who need mobility (small size, low weight, great battery life - between 5 and 10 hours) and do not run advanced applications or parallel applications.

Step 2

The absence of an optical drive for this PS notebook laptop can be a disadvantage. However, for those who travel often, such a laptop is the ideal choice.
This type is recommended for: Internet browsing, e-mail, social networking and multimedia streaming.

Step 3

14.1 - 15.6 inches and weighing 2-3 kg: The oldest class of laptops offers models that have a balanced price-performance and satisfactory portability. Sure, there are special high-end models, very expensive, which manufacturers flex their muscles over the competition, but in principle in this category you will find affordable products and media configurations.


On the other hand, here is found the most disappointing PC notebook laptop in terms of models of construction.
This type is recommended for: Internet, office applications, games.
• 16 inch or larger and heavier than 3 kg: laptops with displays of 16 inches or more are the category of desktop replacement. When portability is an issue of interest, and you think the desktop takes too much space and makes noise, such a laptop is the right solution. The configuration of a PC notebook laptop include high-resolution screens, latest processor range going up top, RAID storage, graphics performance and operating system preinstalled.
This type is recommended for: Internet, games, photo editing / video encoding movies.

As you noted, size dictates the configuration and performance of a pc notebook laptop - for example we see a quad-core on a notebook and no video card performance. And on a 16, 17 inch laptop will certainly not meet Intel Atom.
Clarify aspects of configuration does not stop here. Once we have established the need for portability, is time to choose the proper configuration. It said a little forced said "to choose," because we can not select a PC notebook laptop components at will unless we are fanatics and opt for a customizable kit, pretty little practiced among ordinary users. So most likely, we choose our future companion from a long list of models whose name does not tell us anything.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/09/2012
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