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10 Amazing Tips For Notebook Laptops


While it’s true that the prices of laptops notebook have decreased significantly in the last decades making replacement costs lower, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to keep them in good shape to prolong their lives. Even if you can always buy a new one to replace laptop notebooks that suddenly break down, it is a hassle to recover data from your hard drive especially if all of your info are stored in the hard drives of your computers and not on external disks.

Step 1

Do not eat or drink anywhere near your laptops notebook. This is really not an amazing tip but one that everyone should follow strictly. It is so easy for accidents to happen, spilling liquid on your laptops notebook. Eating while working on the computer must be avoided. Food particles could get trapped in between keys causing the keyboard to malfunction. Moreover, cleaning becomes more difficult as in addition to dust particles, you have to contend with sticky, food debris that got stuck on the keyboard.

Step 2

Get an anti-virus program. There is no excuse for not installing an anti-virus program in your laptops notebook. Free programs exist as downloads on the internet which include anti-spyware and anti-phishing capabilities. It protects your computer from virus, malware, and malicious attacks that could slow down your laptops notebook.

Step 3

Install updates regularly. Installing scheduled updates for anti-virus or programs ensures that you have the latest software. In addition, your productivity increases if you have updated software.

Step 4

Clean registry files. Like anti-virus programs, there are also free registry cleaners that you can download to clean your laptops notebook registry. Run the program and get rid of browsing histories, tracking cookies, and unnecessary files that could slow down computing. It also frees up space making sure that there is room for all of your data and programs.

Step 5

Watch out for tear and wear. Check cables that are worn out and replace them from authorized manufacturers. Faulty wires could lead to the motherboard malfunctioning and is cheaper compared to buying new laptops notebook.

Step 6

Drain battery completely once in a while. Letting the battery drain completely once a month or at least every 3 months could prolong the battery life of your laptops notebook. Pull the plug off once the battery indicators show that the battery is fully charged.

Step 7

Get a laptop cooler. Laptops notebook coolers help in keeping your devices running smoothly. Overheating causes them to slow down and eventually die. You can also aerate the computer by elevating it with a book underneath.

Step 8

Clean your laptops notebook with a computer cleaner. A moist towel should do, avoiding abrasive cleaners. However, if you can afford to buy a computer cleaner, do it. It is manufactured specifically for laptops notebook and is often multi-purpose. You can also use it to clean your TV screen and other electronic gadgets.

Step 9

Protect laptops notebook from shocks. Get a carrying case if you intend to travel with your laptops notebook. It protects them from unnecessary shocks that could destroy the device or cause it to malfunction.

Tip 10

Back up your data on an external drive. External or flash drives have gotten cheaper too in the last years. Buy one and be sure to make data back up in your external drive in case the unexpected happens and your laptops notebook suddenly dies.

By Marie, published at 02/23/2012
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10 Amazing Tips For Notebook Laptops. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.