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How To Install Bluetooth on a Laptop


A lot of devices today are coming with built in Bluetooth features. Smart phones, digital cameras, palm tops and even tablet etc. So the big computer manufactures thought why leave the old laptop behind, since with it being able to control devices through Bluetooth it can solve most of its connectivity problems and open doors to better and more efficient working. This tutorial will explain to you how you can plug in a Bluetooth adapter to your laptop and then connect other devices through laptop Bluetooth. You can purchase a Bluetooth adapter from any computer or computer accessory store and it is a way cheaper option to have a laptop Bluetooth than installing an entire chip board for a built in one.

Step 1

Insert the Bluetooth adapter on to any of your laptop's USB 2.0 port. Normally a laptop has 2-4 USB ports. Your laptop will automatically recognize the adapter and install drivers to run it. If you were given a driver with the adapter on purchase, install it now. Once you are done with this, your laptop Bluetooth is ready to be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device.

Step 2

Now switch on your laptop Bluetooth enabled devices and put it into seek mode. Most smart phones only require their Bluetooth to be switched on for a connection, other cameras and printers may require you to switch them to seek mode for connecting to your laptop Bluetooth.

Step 3

Go to your control panel through either the start menu or my computer. In the control panel window go to “Network and Internet”. Here a new window will pop out and you will be able to see an option saying “add Bluetooth device”. Click on it to add your device to your laptop Bluetooth list.

Step 4

Click on the “add” at the bottom of the empty laptop Bluetooth window and this will open another window. The new window will first ask you to turn on your device’s Bluetooth or to put your device into seek mode. Once you do this, or if you have already done it, click on “next” option.

Step 5

Once the laptop Bluetooth is finished searching then it will show you a list of all the devices it finds. Click on the one with which you wish to connect, and then it will prompt you to set up a pass code. Enter any pass code and then click “next”. Look and at the Bluetooth device you are trying to connect to and you will find a prompt saying that your laptop Bluetooth is trying to connect. Enter the pass code on the device and then let the device do the rest.


By the end of this process your device should be connected through the laptop Bluetooth and an access icon may be available at “my Computer”. Make sure the laptop is free of any virus, since some viruses can be transmitted to your device or other Bluetooth enabled devices though the laptop Bluetooth, which can be harmful for your system and the worst part is, that you may not even know that it is doing it.

By Amara, published at 02/13/2012
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