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How To Connect To the Internet With a Laptop


Using the internet with laptop is a skill that does not take much to master, except some minimal initial knowledge and the investment of some time. Connecting to the internet with a laptop is even easier than connecting from a PC or desktop computer as most laptops have built-in modems that do not require any additional configuration. Nonetheless, if clearly explained, it is a process that can be overwhelming unless one is familiar with computers and laptops. Getting that initial knowledge can be quite challenging until one is presented with clear exact directions that outline the steps required for connecting to the internet with laptop.

Step 1

If you are using your laptop for the first time, insert the CD that came with laptop containing all the software drivers required to operate your machine. If you do not have that CD, go to your manufacturer’s website, where you should be able to download the driver for your laptop free of charge. The driver will be for your Wireless Interface Network Card/Ethernet Card, which is already inbuilt in your laptop. If not, you can also purchase it externally and follow the same procedure. Note that not all laptops can support wireless internet connections, in which case an Ethernet Card or a Dial-up Connection may be used.

Step 2

Next, you need to create your connection before you can use it to connect to the internet. To create your connection, go to control panel and then click through, into the network settings. Alternatively, you can click the icon for your wireless card near the bottom left of your screen, where you will find a multitude of signals, particularly that of the wireless/Ethernet card that you just installed. You are now ready to create the connection what will help you connect to the internet with laptop.

Step 3

Once in the Network Connections zone, choose the type of connection you want to create, that is a wireless connection, a broadband connection or a dial-up connection. If you wish to create a wireless connection, choose the type of security you want on it. With laptop or desktop computers, aimed for basic home use, generally WEP security should be good enough encryption or protection.

Step 4

Take some time to come up with and add a good username and password, as this will be used as your primary form of security, and press finish. This is the connection that you will now be using to connect to the internet.

Step 5

To start using the internet, just double click on the connection you just created, making sure your wireless network button is switched on if you are using with laptop and a wireless connection, and enter your username and password if prompted to do so. It should now automatically connect and you should be able to start using the internet.


With laptop functionality, generally including that of a modem, creating a connection is very easy. Following these simple steps, which are generally applicable on all computers, you should be able to use and browse the internet in no time. With laptop and internet connection, the world is at your fingertips and nothing should stop you now.

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