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How To Install Laptop Computer Memory


People over and over again have a false misconception that only aneligible technician or professional can install computer laptop memory. Now it is a high period to finally let this old allegory cessation. It is true that most aspects of technically challenging a laptop computer from a hardware perspective are demanding, therefore something a normal computer user should not attempt upgrading computer laptop memory is not one of them. This is a process that is not hard to follow and can be performed by a big majority of computer users provided they know what they are doing. A computer user needs to know some important ideas on how to install computer laptop memory as discussed below.

Step 1

Before you try to install a computer laptop memory, you first need to have some important tools like a small Philips head screw driver which habitually come in sets of six of different sizes. You also need to have an anti-static wristband. It is necessary because a computer laptop memory is sensitive to static damage. In case you cannot purchase one of this anti-static wristband find something mace of metal around your house for example a metal lamp, a metal table leg or a metal screw driver. Either of this will be used to discharge any static build up within your body, to be on the safe side and prevent damaging your computer laptop memory modules.

Step 2

Having all the above named tools and location ready, you have to locate where the laptop computer memory bay cover is on your laptop. Most have this on the underside. Unscrew the screws and once you are inside you will see one or more slots vacant and there you will insert your computer laptop memory. Depending on the outcome you need to first extract one or more existing laptop computer memory module. Before you touch it you also need to make sure they are wearing an anti-static wristband to discharge your body of any static touching something made of metal may also work.

Step 3

Take the new computer laptop memory and insert it into the slots then take the other laptop memories and insert them one by one in to the memory slots. Do not touch placement on the computer laptop memory itself. Insert it at an angle of about 45 degrees until the pins are barely noticeable then press down the module until it clips into place. After this the computer laptop memory will be securely installed.

Step 4

The next step is to replace the laptop computer bay cover in it's spot-on place and screw it back using the similar screws it was held in initially. Then turn your laptop the right way up and turn the power on.

Step 5

Go to its BIOS to check whether the new computer laptop memory was detected by the computer or wait until the operating system loads.

Step 6

Be sure to get the most important traits of the above given instructions. The commonly heard assumption that installing computer laptop memory is something only a true qualified professional should perform is a myth. As revealed above the fact of the matter is that you can perform this procedure yourself and that is how to install computer laptop memory.

By Hannah, published at 02/16/2012
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