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What To Look For in a Notebook Pc Laptop


If you came here expecting someone to show you a brand and model for the best notebook pc laptop, then you will be disappointed. The notion of the best notebook pc laptop is different from person to person. Want to play? Or want to use it for work? Or maybe just to come online to listen to music and to see a movie. So the best is different and the difference is the purpose for which you need it. However, if for you look for the best configuration notebook pc laptop we suggest you take a look at Alienware branded laptops.


First you have to ask a question: why do you want to buy a notebook pc laptop?
• Do you need mobility - to carry it with you when you work at a client, when you go to friends or relatives in the countryside, or just sit with him on your knees when you're dining in front of the TV?
• You do not want to occupy more space and you do not want to have cables everywhere;
• You need a computer easily transported and installed.

• No matter how cheap and powerful a notebook pc laptop become in the last years a powerful desktop is always less money.
• Ability to upgrade - very limited (you can change the memory and hard drive)
• the battery is over very quickly when you do some operations (especially those which involve video card, DVD-ROM or complex operations of the processor).
Selection of a notebook pc laptop is based on its use.


Other issues to watch:
• If you need greater autonomy you need to choose laptop battery over performance. The largest consumer of energy of the notebook pc laptop is the video card. The video card is not necessary when choosing a laptop with an Intel motherboard. ATI or nVidia offer much higher quality but that quality decreases battery life.
• After the video card the processor in the greater consumer of the notebook pc laptop. A Dual Core consumes much less than a Core 2 Duo or Quad, but attention to the newer technologies as they often offer improved benefits for lower consumption than current processors see new i3, i5, i7 technology Sandy Bridge to the same original processor i3, i5, i7. 

When you are home, office, etc., and an outlet near you remove the battery from the computer and fed him only from his feeder. In this way you can use the computer to its maximum power, you have a full battery at any time if you need to go and need the laptop and increase battery life. (Repeated battery charges reduce the life of a battery and will put you in the situation that after 1 year, 1 year and a half to buy a new one - is not cheap and often you do not find it to buy).

Tips and comments

In conclusion when you search for a notebook pc laptop you will need to first think what do you need it for and after that you need to consider the price range. You will want to search for the notebook pc laptop in specialized stores; there they have experts that will guide you further.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/14/2012
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What To Look For in a Notebook Pc Laptop. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.