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How To Pick the Best Laptop Bags


When you think at the best bags laptop, you got to take into consideration personal taste. This factor is most important when you choose your bags laptop. There is no such thing as an absolute bag. The bags laptop that we will present in the following material will give you an idea of what you should expect from good bags laptop.

Step 1

Case Logic Laptop Attache Bag:

If you want your bags laptop to have strength, be lightweight and slim-looking, then Attache Case Logic bag is what suits you and your 17-inch laptop. If you are tired to see large bags laptop that look like a suitcase and you also want something durable this is your choice. It is made of nylon, weighs 500 grams, unlike the rest of the bags with 1 kg. Not much but when you carry your laptop everywhere it counts.

Step 2

Laptop Backpack 17 "Belkin:

The Belkin backpack has excellent design in two colors: blue and brown. If you like backpacks then you will like it more because it is made of quality materials and the interior space is roomy and divided into compartments. It has more pockets.

Step 3

Sony Vaio Laptop Cover:
We have never seen so far covers for Sony Vaio! This cover is black, of good quality and if you want to show that you are a SONY fan you shall use this cover. This cover helps a lot and it can be used along with the bags laptop.

Step 4

Case Logic Laptop rolling luggage VNR 217 - Why is healthier for you?
We do not know if you saw but it appeared a new type of bag for your 17 inch laptop. It's a combination of normal and a rolling luggage.
The rolling luggage Laptop Case Logic is useful because:
-Fits in the storage compartment of the plane;
-Can be used with a normal rolling luggage;
-It has space for the charger and accessories and you can also put in it important documents.
-The handle can be hidden and can be used as a normal bag (heavy like 3 kg).

Step 5

Why should you get a bag rolling luggage and not normal bag?
When you use a normal bag that you hold in your hand all those kilograms are transmitted to the column. We heard of people that contracted scoliosis (crooked column) because they used very heavy bags on their shoulders.
When using a rolling luggage all that weight is transmitted to the wheels.


When you look for the ideals bags laptop never think about the price, the only reason for choosing a bag for your laptop should be your comfort. If it is a simple bag or a backpack or something else it must be very comfortable for you to wear it. Next you should consider the amount of space that the bags laptop will offer. Always look for the most spacious.

Sources and Citations

In the end we will give you some advice about the materials of the bags laptop. Always look for the lighter and tougher materials and try to find a balance between weight and resistance.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/14/2012
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