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Comparison Of a Mini Laptop And Desktop Computers

Published at 02/16/2012 13:37:05


In the modern world desktops can no longer compete successfully with laptops computers mini. This is because the desktop pc is long considered bulky unlike the laptops computer mini which is perceived by many as a must have today. Laptops are usually smaller and portable thus occupying less space unlike the desktop which can hardly be referred to as easily movable due to its size and weight. In the modern world more people are turning to the laptops computers mini to meet their computing needs unlike in the past when the desktops were the only option available. Laptops are become quite popular with the ever increasing demand for smaller portable telecommunication gadgets that can be easily used on the move whenever required. As the demand for laptop computers mini their prices are gradually dropping down to what most people can afford thus making them easily accessible to most people unlike previously when they were out reach for most ordinary people. While the desktops have their place in offices and homes especially for heavy duty work due to their hardy nature their portable companion enjoy being carried around for functions that requires computing while on the move.


One of the advantages of a desktop computer is its ability to take more components unlike the laptops computer mini which has limited space due to their compact nature. In the past desktops were bulky contraptions which could occupy large spaces and their components were quite large. Today the desktops computers have greatly reduced in size while retaining their ability to function as well as the laptop computer mini. They have enough room for all the components that are at times hard to be found in laptops mini computers such as multi-disk drives and functions. Some older versions of laptop computers mini had fewer components unlike the desktops, however the ordinary laptop was more of a portable desktop as the manufacturers of the laptops had in mind light computers that packed all the components found in desktops but was portable enough to be moved around.


Initially laptops computers mini were very expensive gadgets that few people could ever dream of owning. As more companies began diversifying their products and the laptops became more common place the portable computers became quite common. Today its quite common to be able to afford good quality laptops computer mini. This can be bought from computer shops and dealers who offer cheap and affordable services and products. While looking for cheap laptop computers mini one should never compromise on quality for due to the price issue. Ending up with a low quality laptop computer may be as good as not buying a functional computer at all. Though most people will have one eye on the price the quality and usability of the laptops computer mini should be a major factor before sealing the deal with the seller.

Factors to be considered

Factors to be considered when buying laptops computers mini include:

  • Performance
  • Number of ports
  • Battery
  • Keyboard
  • Heat emission
  • Display
  • Price