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How To Repair a Hewlett Packard Laptop


Hewlett Packard is a well known and fast growing brand of the laptop computers. Hewlett Packard has a big market share throughout the world. Hewlett Packard is a choice of many people. Many people are in favor of purchasing and using the Laptop Computers.However the electronic devices are likely to start malfunctioning .This malfunctioning may be due to the hardware problems or it may be due to the software issues.Following things may be considered for tackling the hardware issues.Laptop Packard usually comes with the international warranty. International warranty means that it can be repaired from all the Hewlett Packard repairing centers throughout the world. International warranty does not restrict to the place or region of purchase.Laptop Packard may be taken to the service centers of Hewlett packard.In the laptop Packard is in the warranty time period ,then the hardware issue will be resolved free of cost. However if it is not in the warranty, then charges would be taken from the customer in order to repair the laptop Packard.

Step 1

These service centers provide the customers with satisfaction and guide them through the repairing process.However if the issue is regarding the software, then following things may be considered.If the Hewlett Packard is having original windows, then such a system can fixed through the system recovery. The originality of the windows can be confirmed by Microsoft stamp an sticker which is at the back of laptop Packard.

Step 2

For the system recovery of laptop Packard using the original windows ,a backup is present in the system. This back up is specified for the system recovery and it is used to recover the system to its factory condition.When laptop Packard is started then, it gives the option to start the setup and indicates which key is to be pressed in order to start the setup.

Step 3

By pressing that key, different options appear. In these options there is an option for the system recovery. By selecting the system recovery option, the system asks the user to recover the computer with creating the backup or without creating the backup.

Step 4

If the backup is created then the files stored in the system will not be deleted.However,creating backup may cause trouble, because in this way the infected files may remain the system and the system may not run properly.

Step 5

The whole procedure of the recovery of laptop Packard is quite simple and easy no command is needed to be given other than some options which are supposed to be chosen in order to configure the windows.


At the end of the setup, the computer asks to select the language and the region of the user. It also asks to give the name of the user. When all these information are given then the laptop Packard starts the windows and the system is ready to use.


So, it is unite simple to recover or repair the laptop Packard, as it needs less effort and less trouble. The recovery process is so simple that a layman can also recover the system by reading the instruction and by selecting the right options.

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