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The Advantages Of An Xp Laptop


Even after the launch of Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows XP is still the operating system of choice for many laptop users. An Xp laptop is considered the best as this not only very affordable, but also way more user-friendly and reliable. It has blue, silver and green themes. There is also an option for windows classic theme. Xp laptop will make a good student or started laptop. Windows Xp comes with in a number of languages and Microsoft has released many service packs for this operating system.


Xp stands for experiences. The XP home release and business release both had code names, these are Neptune and Odyssey respectively. Microsoft also integrated a media player and instant messaging technologies into this operating sytem. These are the Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger that can be found in all Xp laptops. The Xp operating system was released to computer manufacturers on 24th August, 2001. It came after Windows 2000 and Windows ME and was release worldwide in the October of the same year. More than 400 million copies were registered and in use by the start of the year 2006. Its mainstream support ended on April 14, 2009. However, the extended support will last until April 8, 2014 and downgrade support until January 14, 2020. Windows Xp is one of the most used NT-based operating system and forms a part of WIndows NT 5.x.


An xp laptop is a laptop, whether new or refurbished, that comes with windows XP as its operating system. The following features are the hallmark of an xp laptop interface. A blue selection rectangle in the windows explorer that makes all your selections prominent, along with the amazing drop shadow effect for desktop icon labels. The taskbar has new and improved features such as sidebars for common tasks, the ability to gather the buttons of a particular activity or program into a single button and also a very helpful option to lock to taskbar and other toolbars to prevent any accidental changes. The Start menu displays and highlights recent activity which includes recently installed programs. Also, a really cool feature is that the menus have under shadows. WIndows XP is packed with wallpapers that please the eye and are sure to bring your laptop or desktop screen to life. From sand dunes to the waves and the moons, the wallpapers are a treat especially for nature lovers. Microsoft has released 3 service packs for windows xp.

Tips and comments

It is a fact that an Xp laptop is much better than one with windows vista as its operating system. Windows Vista, even though it should have been an improvement on windows XP, it is not and users have not found it friendly at all. Xp laptop also has better controls and a very wide compatibility when it comes to programs whereas windows Vista is kind of annoying with its backward compatibility with various games and programs. Speed-wise also, an xp laptop has an edge over the laptops with other operating systems. Windows xp laptop can be safely said to be the most popular in business. And when it comes to universality, there is no other operating system that has been and is in use more then the Windows XP operating system.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/18/2012
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