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How To Configure the Wireless Settings on a Laptop


Computer and laptops with internet connection in them are very important to use nowadays, as they can help you do your wok from anywhere in the world. The wireless laptop helps you do all your work and help you stay connected with your friends from various social sites. The wireless laptop also helps you do your transactions and pay your bills in a minute while you stay at home and relax, by using these laptops all your work is just a click away. Connecting wireless configuration to a laptop is really easy and not that time consuming. You can do it in less than an hour.

Step 1

There are different types of installation techniques for people who use different types of windows. The users of windows 7 find it easy to have any type of internet connection installed but the users of Windows Vista need to have a Service Pack 2 that is designed specially for this window. You first have to click on the button that asks if you want to update your windows or not, this updating is not required for people who use Windows Vista or windows XP. In these windows you can get a wireless laptop very easily and the services of these windows are also better than those of the others.

Step 2

You also need a broadband DSL or cable in order to get a wireless laptop. These cables and internet services usually come with an amount that you have to pay monthly to a company. There are two different types of the internet connections that are the DSL and the modern cable wiring system. After you get a modem you are ready to get your internet connection.

Step 3

There is a wireless router which sends messages to the modem and then the wireless base connector. The message is then sent to the broadband service and you get the internet connection, after which you are ready to get started with your service and to have everything going. So getting wireless laptop is just like having a wireless phone service.

Step 4

There are also other services which help you get wireless laptop. Basically, when you buy a new laptop, there are facilities which have built in internet access in them and then you do not have go through all these things, you just have to buy a wireless laptop and do nothing afterwards.

Step 5

If in case you get a new desktop computer or a laptop but it does not have built in internet facilities, then you just need to purchase a wireless adapter and this adapter will connect wireless internet to your computer, which will happen automatically after you get an adapter, this way you will get wireless laptops.


A wireless laptop helps you a lot. It enables you to work anywhere you are, if you have an internet access in that particular place. Wireless laptops are also of a lot of importance for people, as they help you in doing the work faster without the use of any sort of wiring. Wiring makes work difficult and you face a lot of difficulties in tackling with the wiring and with the electricity problems.

By Amara, published at 02/17/2012
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