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How To Connect a Laptop To a Pc


A laptop as the name suggests, is a kind of computer that has its components integrated into a more convenient to carry mobile computer. This laptop name came as a result of the fact that one can actually carry it on his or her lap. Laptop pc is therefore the whole component of an integration of a computer. It has most of the basic components of a desktop computer and this gives it the credibility to best fit a computer for personal use.

Step 1

A laptop therefore being a gadget that is portable needs to have its own sufficient control of power and this is made possible by the fact that it is fed with a rechargeable battery. This feature is of importance since it allows the user to access the services of his computer even when in an area that is not served with power cables. Its rechargeable battery stores power and this depends on the type of battery, the laptop and its brand. Some laptop PCs are actually able to store up to 5 hour power supply when fully charged.

Step 2

To use a laptop pc, you need power that is connected to mains electricity via an adaptor that is specific for that laptop. It is however not absolute that when you change or compromise this rule the laptop will not work but this is important to note that when you opt to use it without the adapter, and in this case its adapter, you stand a risky chance of blowing up the power supply of the laptop. In the event that there is power fluctuation for your laptop pc, the adaptor stabilizes or maintains a steady flow of the recommended voltage input to the machine.

Step 3

As time goes by and with people moving towards the use of more convenient gadgets and appliances, a great majority have found the use of laptops in an effort to replace the otherwise bulky desktop computer. They have become smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more powerful. Their screens have also became larger and of better quality giving laptops a widely used substitute in computer applications by all sorts of people.

Step 4

Today, Laptop pc and notebooks are everywhere! Because of their wonderful versatility, the use of these laptop PC have exploded in fame and are now found all over the world, in all walks of life. A Laptop computer has the right technical, productive, and an entertainment component that is intended to fit ones needs.

Step 5

How to connect a laptop to a pc involves the use of the desired cable, in this case a special VGA cable, the issue of portability is going to be your main concern. Consider one of the slim, lightweight laptops. A laptop pc computer feature processors, or CPUs, that has been optimized for convenience of connecting it to the Pc component. This means laptop PCs are energy efficient saving more power as compared to the desktop computer that uses cathode ray in the illumination of its monitor or display mechanism in addition to it being compact.


Care when connecting a laptop to pc

Utmost care needs to be considered when doing the connection and it is recommended that one consults a professional on the safe ways of going about the process. These guidelines can also be found on the user manuals from the manufacturers of the computer.


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