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6 Tips You Must Know About Laptop Windows


When you travel or when you must go on a meeting with your laptop, Windows is a must. You may have a problem with the power consumption of your laptop Windows.

Step 1

You can start with an effective method to save energy. In Windows 7, open maximum battery life and set the options from the menu as you want. These settings will tell Windows to adjust the display backlight when not connected to AC, when to begin to put out the lights and when to put the laptop windows to sleep.

Step 2

If you started to set schemes in Windows, click on "Change advanced power settings" and set the period of inactivity before Windows shuts down the hard disk. You can also enable hibernation so when you're not in front of the laptop windows for a significant period of time it will close by itself. Hibernation differs from sleep because hibernation saves your work and then closes your computer. This way any more loss of energy is not possible. With the sleep function you close the display and hard disk, but you still use energy because the laptop needs to be ready to open anytime. It is recommended to open the Advanced Settings to set the best options for you.

Step 3

When you do not need Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it would be better to close them (you disable them). They consume power even if you do not use them to open your laptop windows. Usually laptops have a button to enable or disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If your laptop has not a button like this, try pressing Windows key + X. Holding these keys pressed will display a window called Windows Mobility Center. Through this window you have easy access to your laptop options including the Wi-Fi of your laptop windows.

Step 4

You can close tasks or programs running on your laptop windows processor so that it is not forced to execute applications or tasks that you do not need. An excellent program to disable applications or tasks that start automatically at startup is AutoRuns for Windows. You can also use MSConfig which is already integrated with Windows. Enter the name msconfig.exe into the search box for Windows Vista or Windows 7, or the run box for Windows XP.

Step 5

If you have an optical drive you can disable it from Device Manager, because each unit, even if you do not use it, consumes energy. If you watch movies on your laptop, try to first copy them to your hard drive because running a movie directly from the hard drive uses less energy than if you play it on a DVD.


It is also important not to use any USB ports. You can remove the external hard drives, keyboards, and mouse. So do not forget when traveling by train or you're on a meeting these tips for storing energy. If you take into account these tips and your laptop windows still has problems with the power consumption then you should go and consult an expert. You need to see an expert because something can be wrong with your laptop and need to be fixed.

By Icarus, published at 02/20/2012
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6 Tips You Must Know About Laptop Windows. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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