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How To Install Linux


The Bootloader is a small program that loads and starts the system operation of the computer memory when Linux is initialized. You will need Linux to use some good applications.
There are several versions of the bootloader, the most popular are LILO and GRUB.

Step 1

In your case GRUB boot loader is recommended.
We may encounter many situations:
- A single operating system (Mandriva Linux); you will use only Mandriva Linux to get the best results.
- Two operating systems, Windows + Mandriva Linux (dual boot);
- More operating systems (multi-boot).
In the last two cases, the bootloader will display a list with the operating systems found in the computer. You will have to choose which system will be launched. For Linux to work properly the installer offers several options. You can choose where to install the bootloader.

Step 2

If you have Windows preinstalled and you choose to install the bootloader in the MBR of the first disc, it will overwrite the original bootloader and it will recognize Windows. You will need Linux to display a menu so you can choose between the two operating systems (Windows and Mandriva Linux). Once you provide some details, the installer will present you a summary of the operations that will be executed. In this window you can review some settings before saving the configuration from the Configure button.

Step 3

You will want Linux to set the Local time setting. Click on the text next to Configure Timezone.
To configure settings for your country, click on Regional Settings. The default rule is good. You can press enter or wait 10 seconds for Linux to start automatically. It is possible that some messages will appear during startup. These messages are not error messages. If you press Esc during startup you will see the next window with some messages in progress.

Step 4

The first time after installing Mandriva Linux to your computer you will see a small questionnaire where you are invited to join as a member of the international community of Mandriva Linux users and to provide some data. If you do not want to do this you can tap directly the Decline button and then Close. After the boot process you will see a Login screen.

Step 5

In the login screen you need to enter your username (or click on it) and type the password chosen during installation, then press Enter. This will help install Mandriva Linux to your computer. You will see another account created by default, the Guest Account. This account is equivalent to the Guest account from Windows and you can delete or disable it.


You will notice the bottom left menu button (the one with the Mandriva symbol on it), a QuickLaunch menu button, the famous system tray in the right corner and the watch. What you probably have not seen so far are the four desktops of the Mandriva operating system.

Sources and Citations

They have numbers from 1-4 and are located next to the QuickLaunch. You will see in a future material what this means. With Mandriva 2010.2 installing additional applications is very easy. All you have to do is to configure environments (Repository) where Mandriva will automatically download any software you need.

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