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Before starting off with anything else one should know what ‘Web Linux’ actually is. Linux, like windows 98, windows XP or windows Vista, is an operating system that can be installed into computer systems for daily use work. The web Linux server has been competing with the Microsoft servers for over a time and has been successful in gaining popularity to an extent. The operating system family Linux belongs to is the Unix-like and is free and open source software that was initially introduced by Linus Torvald in 1991.


From the daily use of professional business work use, web Linux systems are used. They are present in embedded systems as well as supercomputers. The supported platforms of the web Linux include: Alpha, ARM, Microblaze, Unicore32, Xtensa, Hexagon, Itanium, M32R, m68k and many more. The web Linux has a variety of uses including desktops, servers, mainframes and supercomputers, and embedded devices. On desktops and laptops the web Linux is gaining popularity it has all the demanding applications that all other operating servers have including Mozilla Firefox, Blender and Open office. The web Linux however has developed some of its own applications including GIMP and Pidgin that gained high level popularity and other operating systems including Microsoft and even Mac had it ported due to its demand. Ubuntu is a popular distribution of Linux that is popular in desktops.


Web Linux hosting is very popular and preferable as it is cheaper and more reliable compared to windows web hosting. Through the Linux database platform one can use a variety of technologies including XML, Python, MySQL, and PHP. These technologies have benefited web involvement making them easier and more operative. The web Linux platform provides a variety of benefits, when once installed it increases the power efficiency of the system and also it is user friendly and provides flexibility. It beds a variety of programming languages facilitating the user and making communication effective. The webs Linux hosting is more stable and secure method of web hosting and does not get rebooted more often thus work can be done more smoothly and efficiently.

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The main web Linux hosting features includes: e-mail with POP3 email accounts, email forwarding, auto responders, block an email, web mail and mailing lists, the site features include a file manager, FTP manager, directory protection, Cpanel web-based site management, and Add sub-domains Administration. Furthermore the advanced features include the Network Tools, Backups, Cron jobs, Apache handlers, Mime types and Shell access. There are other Script and stealth features which include CGI scripting in Perl & C, Scripts including the simple CGI wrapper, random HTML, Guestbook, counter, clock and many more. PHPNuke, chat rooms, messaging board, Web/FTP statistics, and SSI is more features present in the web Linux hosting.

With all the features and facilities provided by the web Linux server and hosting, web development is made easier and efficient through a more secure and stable database. Many people have started preferring Linux over other operating systems and is gaining popularity over time.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/29/2012
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