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5 Tips For How To Linux Use


Linux is an operating system. It is the software on a computer that enables applications and the computer operator to access the devices on the computer to perform desired functions, relays instructions from an application to, for instance, the computers processor and the processor performs the instructed task and then sends the results back to the application via the operating system.

Step 1

The Linux Graphical user interface utilities are, normally, time consuming and awkward though they provide an ease of point and click method of doing Linux administration tasks. A simple Linux command can be run to do the equivalent task in the fraction of time taken in using Linux GUI utility. So be sure that one is learning how to Linux use commands rather than learning Linux GUI utilities.

Step 2

Using Linux patterns involve the knowledge and use of Linux wild card characters because some Linux documentations use the term pattern for referring to Linux wild card characters. This causes a Linux command to work on multiple items such as multiple directories and files in Linux file system.

Step 3

One of the primary reasons why many reasons switch to Linux is because it features the terminal as it is powerful enough that it does not have the same limitations as that of a window command prompt and one can easily use Linux without ever using a terminal as used on Mac OSX. More on how to Linux use, learning base shells can be worth great convenience.


Step 4

Another significant point is how to Linux use with increased speed, for that one should try working with encrypted partitions, new improved and speedy file systems like BTRFS, redundant parallel disks with increased speed and reliability like RAIDs and install Linux on bootable USB stick. 

Step 5

If a user intends to hold or install both the partitioning and window on the same computer, he should consider the phenomena of dual booting which would help him understand partitioning as well as letting him continue using window. but in that case it is worth prime importance to keep in mind that all the personal data and settings have been backed up before trying to set dual boot. This is how to Linux use in combination with the Windows.

Tips and comments

If one chooses to use a shell, it is important to note that typing a command followed by help gives a brief explanation of the command where man ls or info ls gives a much more explanation in depth. Other than that the use of apropos can help find a command that performs a certain task like the word apropos user provides a list of commands that have the word user in their description.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/25/2012
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