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Review Of the Linux Web Server


Linux web, belonging to the Unix-like, is a computer operating system just like other known operating systems like Microsoft windows 98, Mac, windows XP etc. Over the time the Linux web has successfully made its space into the well known computer operating systems known today. Linux has been competing with the well known Microsoft. Linux web server and hosting is in demand and is getting popular as it is cheaper than the Microsoft windows web hosting. The Linux is also easily operated and has a variety of functions, programs and applications that other operating systems have too. Due to Linux web hosting and web server the web development has become easier and more efficient than it was way back before. The Linux web system is present in many systems including embedded devices, desktops and even super computers.


The Linux web server is considered very reliable and secure. Linux doesn’t bother with the issue of rebooting like others who require the systems to reboot after several years of use. Linux functions and does not ask to reboot. Also Linux web provides minimum chances for the computer system to crash down on small scale desktops, saving one time, work and money. The Linux web is well known for their functionality including the database management, HTTP server and also the development language. The Linux web has many versions and each version is usually called the distribution and each distribution comes along with amazing features. They are more easily customized compared to the windows. One of the biggest advantages of the Linux web server is that it can be downloaded for free; it is cheap and accessible to all where as Microsoft windows may turn out to be expensive. Linux servers are popular among people because they are user friendly, they can be easily operated without much confusion. The Linux web server has a greater life span and run for a greater period compared to the others, as they give little rebooting problems.


The Linux web server has many advantages. The Linux web server code is available to all as it is an open source operating system. This is beneficial as they can receive suggestions and professionals can frequently work on the system to improve its efficiency. Most users of the Linux web server are satisfied and consider it a reliable and secure server. One big benefit of the Linux web server is that it is competent to host multiple sites as well as control ample traffic. Also there is little difficulty in converting into window based websites from Linux web based. It has cheap scripting language like the PHP, My-SQL etc.

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Overall the Linux web server is very popular all over the world due to the services it provides and its advantages. It provides security as well with efficiency and many businesses use the Linux web because of the level of reliability and security it provides. Many people tend to choose Linux now as they are attracted towards the ease it facilitates with. It is still a great competitor of the Microsoft.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/29/2012
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Review Of the Linux Web Server. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.