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How To Download Linux Software


There are thousands of linux applications. You can download linux distributions (e.g, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse etc) or download linux Software applications (e.g,, Evolution etc). There are several easy to download linux distributions.

Step 1

Ubuntu Linux:

It is a desktop operating system. It provides two types of supports; Community support or Professional support. Ubuntu means Humanity to others. It brings spirit of humanity to the world. It is easily available software and you may download linux from the internet.

Step 2

Mandriva Linux:

It provides community support. It is easy to install and easy to use software while giving the pleasant environment. You can download Linux Mandriva from the internet easily.

Step 3


If someone don’t want to install the linux on their hard drive and just want to try then there are some Live CD distributions. You don’t need to install that on your hard drive, it directly boots from the CD. It takes lesser time as compared to installing on your hard drive. You can experience it by booting a CD on your computer.

Step 4


It is a Linux educational CD which is bootable on your computers without installing the software on your computer. It detects the hardware automatically which includes sound cards, graphic cards etc. This CD can have upto 2 GB software on it. You can download linux Knoppix for free.

Step 5


It is a user friendly operating system. You do not need to install the software on your drive but you may have that from USB, CD/DVD drive. You can download linux MEPIS from internet easily.


  • Advanced; There are some of the distributions for the advanced users. They can run on desktop as well as on server.
  • Fedora; It is the well known company of Linux in the world. Red hat is the name which comes under Fedora which is more reliable and comprehensive. Red hat linux 9 is the last and latest version of their products. You can have desktop, server, for scientific computing, for IBM power and for management red hat enterprise. You can download linux from fedora project.
  • SUSE Linux; It is easy and free to use. The focus of Open SUSE is on desktop applications. Their focus is on Community support. You can download OpenSUSE easily.
  • MINI; There are also some of the mini distributions like Damn Small Linux or Feather Linux etc.
  • Damn Small Linux; It is also known as DSL. It is desktop Mini Linux distribution which uses 50 MB. It is easy and free to use. Its functionalities are very easy. It includes FTP client, spread sheets, email clienst etc. this is being installed on your hard drive which means for the usage you need to install it on your computer first.
  • Feather Linux; It takes 115 MB of space on your computer. It runs on your CD or USB. It is placed on your desktop and you can use it everyday. You can have Feather Linux for free.

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