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How To Find a Linux File


Managing file system is one of the core component managing structures of any consortium. This is where Linux file structures come as a handy proportion of data management. One of the best suitable data structure for Linux file system is Super Block.

Linux file system supports various systems like Ext2, Ext3, and Ext4. This can all be managed by Super Block data structure. But, what if the system crashes and you lose the data? There are many ways to get the data back. If you forgot to create a backup copy of your important Linux file then also there are ways to recover your file. Following these steps as a definite procedure will help people to solve the problem:

Step 1

The bug of data loss in Linux file management will show an error message which will read “read_super_block: can’t find a reiserfs file system”. This is where you need to apply the Linux recovery system. One of the basic reasons of corruction is improper system shutdown. This is common, due to the fact that kernel damage is almost common due to this reason for other operating systems as well. Finding the reason is one of the basic steps to begin with.

Step 2

Hardware crash is another reason which can happen. Replacing the hardware will fix this bug in no time. Installing it properly with proper setup is mandatory.

Step 3

Virus infection and kernel bug may also maliciously corrupt your Linux file system. You need to follow certain steps to recover the files. One of the steps is to run the following command. Run # reiserfsck –check/dev/sda1 command on the hard drive on which you want to recover data. Super block corruption is checked by this.

Step 4

Rebuilding is the next step after finding out that there is a Super Block corruption in Linux file system. For that, you need to execute the following command run # reiserfsck –rebuild-sb/dev/sda1. This simple instruction will rebuild the sector.

Step 5

Restoring lost data is the most valid option that one cause in Linux file system. This is present as a wizard in every operating system. Linux is no different from them. Trying this may resolve all your problem and it should be tried at first place if the data loss problem is of a normal level. Linux validates all data recovery option in wizard.


Linux file management and recovery software are available in market. Extracting all missing, inaccessible data is possible in today’s date. In fact, you can even recover deleted data from your hard disk if you are facing corrupted environment.

additional tips

Linux is an open source operating system. This means that you can set your personalized preferences and also define it based on your security level. Linux file management is a wide arena where developers have tried various things. Intimating a positive response, open sharing is widely appreciated for users. This gives a common base for all people to remotely handle the problem and fix data loss problem for others. Linux is not only easy to fix but it is also easy to handle.

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