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Discover 8 Tips For System Linux


System Linux is an operating system. It is free and open source operating system. It is redistributable. Desktop Linux has applications like Mozilla Firefox, office application and GIMP image editor. Installation of system Linux is very easy and it requires just a few of the steps. It is software that provides applications and devices. The processor performs the tasks which it is instructed and sends the results to the application of the operating system.

Step 1

There are many different kinds of system Linux which depends on the weaknesses and strengths. All will run faster. All have similar security and applications. Only the main difference is of design. One of the Linux type is Ubuntu. If you are a new user then try to work on Ubuntu.

Step 2

It is popular and easy to use. Then there is Fedora, which is used for business applications. There is another one called Debian Linux it is that version on which UBUNTU is built on. Linux Mint is the one which has slightly higher system requirements.

Step 3

First of all you have to download a bootable CD that is the .iso file. Then download a CD burning program, if you do not have then simply follow the instructions to put the .iso file on the CD. Move all the data on your hard drive so that if any thing goes wrong you have the back up present. If you want to dual boot on Windows then you want to do defragment. Insert the CD in the drive and close. You then have to reboot your computer. A key will be specified you just have to press it and choose the CD drive where you have to install.

Other Tips

In order to install the embedded system Linux first of all decide which type of Linux to use and what hardware to use. Before installations make sure you have checked all the dependencies and downloaded all the files which you need.

A boot loader is helpful in giving the flexibility. It will help you to re build the kernel and to switch between versions. Make sure to check for the space where the Linux kernel can reside. Make sure you partition the hard disk according to the requirements.

Then you have to install the kernel where you will install the kernel, a file for setting up the system. Then you have to install the login module then checks who is allowed to use the system. A system Linux contains a shell. Then you have to install all the libraries which you like. This is all you need to install embedded Linux system but you have a choice to install additional packages also.

To change the time zone in Linux manually first of all log in as root and check the time zone which is currently being executed. Change the directory to user/shre/zoneinfo over here a list of time zone is available.

You can also back up the previous time zone. Create an exact path of setting up the time zone.


I hope these tips for Linus system will help you a great deal. As the popularity of Linux is increasing day by day it is important that we know how to use it.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 04/01/2012
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Discover 8 Tips For System Linux. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.