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Random access memory (abbreviated as RAM) is the temporary memory storage device of the computer that stores temporary commands. A computer though can function without it. RAM is required for smooth and fast response of the computer. RAM fixes to the motherboard of the computer and is present in the form of a chip. This chip has memory pin through which it adheres to its slot on the motherboard. The number of memory pin determines different types of old and new RAMS.

A term pin was given to the pointed pin-like structures of the initial RAM type. This type of pin was susceptible to breaking during installation hence it was replaced by flat plates, though the term memory pin of RAM chip is still used. The number of pins corresponds to the number of slots present in the motherboard. The RAM used in the 1980s and the 1990s was the SIMM ram and it had 30, 64 and 70 memory pin. Each type corresponded to different memory slots and capacity. SIMM rams evolved into DIMM rams which had 168 pins. Today we have RIMM rams as well which have 240 pins and a much greater storage capacity.

The older needle shaped pins have been replaced by flat plates for a long time now. A needle type memory pin was easily bent and broken while fixing so replacing them was a smart thing. Today a memory pin isn't conventionally a pin which is a good thing, but the only problem with it is that counting them is almost impossible. Not many people understand the importance of the right kind of RAM a computer requires. If a body of an old PC has the latest kind of motherboard with a DIMM memory slot it won't take an SIMM ram.

However, that has a solution and one can always find out the number of pins by searching about the model of the memory card one has, so a flat memory pin wins here. When it comes to which ram memory is best for today, then of course it has to be RIMM with 240 or above pins as they function in vista and the latest BIOS. Their storage capacity is greater and they can make the computer run smoothly. A motherboard with RIMM slot will only of course take in the RIMM ram. The only problem is that RIMM slot motherboard fits only in the latest computers and laptops. Many therefore claim that DIMM ram with 168 pins are the best kind of RAM memory. SIMM rams are fit only for very old laptops and computers and must never be used in any latest computer as they will make the computer very sluggish.


In order to buy the right kind of RAM for your computer, you should be very sure about the RAM slot of your motherboard. If you can't find what the model of your motherboard is, either take your motherboard to an electronics shop or find out about it through different software. You can also distinguish between SIMM ram and DIMM ram by a notch found around the pins of the SIMM RAM.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/26/2012
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