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How To Upgrade To 2 Gb Memory on a Desktop

Published at 03/14/2012 02:14:18


Computer desktops are manufactured and ready for immediate sale and use. Start browsing through the Internet, printing, or playing games. The accessories are generally plug-and-play. There is not much one needs to know about setting up a computer. Most accessories require installation from a disc, even this is not complicated. The creators of computers and accessories have made everything simple and user friendly.

However, upgrading a 1 GB memory to a 2 GB memory, to increase the work room for your software programs can be intimidating. The truth is upgrading your memory is as simple as plug-and-play. There are not drivers or software programs to install. The hardest part is knowing which type of 2 GB memory your computer requires, where to purchase at a fair price, and waiting for it to ship, if you order from the Internet.

The next issue is how to get into your computer. Desktop computers are created in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and brands. The tower and flat box style desktop computers have at least one panel that may be removed. On the tower style computers, it is usually the left panel. The box style, the flat computers that allow you to set the monitor on top, may have the case set as removable. With the single unit, monitor and computer in one, the panel to remove would be in the back.

Step 1

Check your computers system information. The documentation provided with your computer contains the specifications about the type of 2 gig memory your computer can use. DDR, DDR2, SDRAM, are three of the common acronyms for RAM. The differences are in the configuration and mold of the chip. If you do not have the documentation, visit the manufacturers website. Manufacturers such as HP and Dell provide a product search. All this requires is the model number. If you registered your computer after you purchased it, the information will be available in your account.

Step 2

Shop for the 2 GB memory chip or chips you wish to install. The choices include purchasing from the manufacturers site or finding a wholesaler. Locate a local computer shop or electronics store. There are many computer parts providers that offer DDR, DDR2, and SDRAM memory sticks for a reasonable price.  2 GB memory chips are available with different specs. Older motherboards may not support more than two 1 GB memory chips, where the newer ones will support two 2 GB memory chips. Double check your computers specifications.

Step 3

Unplug your desktop from the wall outlet. Do not work on your desktop while it is still plugged in. Remove the outer cover of the desktop computer and set it aside. If it is a tower computer, it will be easier to lay it on its side. Locate the RAM chips. You will need a small screw driver to fit the screws of the computer case. Set up an area that will provide a static free environment. The dining room table is a good place to work, especially if the floor is tiled and not carpet.

Step 4

Locate the memory chips on the motherboard. Push the clips on either end of the memory chip down, releasing the stick. The clips may be difficult to release from the chip, use caution. Do not use a screw driver or other tool to pry the clips open.

Step 5

Lift the old memory chip or chips out of the slots on the motherboard. Use a firm grip at the center, or one end at a time. Place the new 2 gig memory chip or two 1 gig memory chips into the empty slots. Align the slots in the chips with the notch in the slot on the mother board. Firmly push into place, again from the middle or one end at a time. Push the clips back into place. The clips should be fit firmly on your new 2 GB memory chips. It should not hard to push over the ends of the chips. If it is too difficult to push the clips on to the chips, remove them and place them in again.

Step 6

Replace the case, returning your desktop to its space. Plug your monitor and other accessories into the desktop. The power plug should be the last thing to install. Now power up and enjoy the extra speed and space.


One option to looking up the information for your computers memory is to remove the RAM chip before you shop. The codes and numbers on the memory chip will help find the right 2 GB memory replacement. Take it with you to the local electronics or computer shop or have it near when you shop online. Do not use a screw driver or pliers to remove the memory chips or to push your new 2 gig memory chip into place.


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