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How To Upgrade the Memory in My Xbox


Gamers around the world have been disappointed when they go to save a game or download a demo only to find out that they dont have enough Xbox memory left. If this happens, it means that they either have to clear space by deleting old files or they have to go out and buy a new hard drive to increase their memory. If they decide to go out and buy a new hard drive to increase Xbox memory, then they will have to know how to install the hard drive. 

Step 1

Make sure you purchase the correct hard drive for your Xbox. There are different style of hard drives depending on whether you have the regular Xbox 360 or the Xbox 360 slim. There is a way to install the original Xbox 360 hard drives into the newer slim Xbox, but it can dangerous to the Xbox and should only be attempted after proper preparation and safety steps. Note that this will also likely void any warranties you have if the attempt causes damage to the console.

Step 2

Installing the hard drive into the original Xbox 360 is very easy and can be done with only a few simple steps. First is to get home and take the hard drive out of the package that it came in. Once you have the hard drive in hand, remove the old hard drive from the Xbox 360 console. Once it is removed take the new hard drive and place it so that the the ports line up accordingly. Then snap the hard drive into place and it should work correctly. This will increase you Xbox memory depending on how large the hard drive is.

Step 3

If you have the Xbox 360 slim and want to increase Xbox memory then your task will be slightly different. First, make sure that you have the hard drive designed for the Xbox 360 slim. Once you get home you will want to look at your Xbox 360 and find the sides of the Xbox that look like vents. One of these vents will have a small, sliding piece that you can push to release a small portion of the vent covering. Underneath that vent is the area to place the hard drive. Simply make sure that you have the hard drive facing the correct way and push it into the slot until you hear a small click. This means that the device should be installed and ready for use as Xbox memory.

Step 4

Once you have installed the hard drives you will want to make sure that they are recognized by the console. Simply turn on the Xbox 360 system and go to the main menu. From the main menu go to the "setting" tab and click on it. There should then be a sub-listing for memory or storage that you can click on. Once you click on this you should be able to see how much Xbox memory is available and from what devices. You should see the hard drive listed and how much space it has on it.

Step 5

If you have Xbox memory that you need to transfer to the new hard drive then there are many ways to accomplish this. You can either save items from the old hard drive to the Xbox LIVE cloud where they can then later be transferred to the new hard drive. You can also use a flash drive to save the memory until you can transfer it. This way you can have all of you old information on your new hard drive for later use.


Take great care when installing new devices onto your Xbox 360 console. Make sure to not damage the system and read all directions completely. This will save you time and the pain of having to send the Xbox in to get repaired if it is damaged.

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By Michael Banks, published at 03/08/2012
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